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Evansville, Indiana
November 4, 1994     The Message
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November 4, 1994

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The voting records on this page were compiled by the Indiana Catholic Conference, and designed to be used as a "You Count" insert in the Indiana Knights of Columbus newspaper, "The Hoosier Knight" and was published by the Knights in Volume 36, No. 2, Fall 1994. The Indiana Catholic Conference is the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Indiana, and represents the Archdiocese of Indi- anapolis, and the Dioceses of Evansville, Fort Wayne-South Bend, Gary and Lafayette. The Ice urges citizens to avoid choosing candidates simply on the basis of narrow self-interest, but on "the full range of issues, as well as their personal integrity, philosophy, and performance." On this page, voting records for Indiana incumbents are listed on a wide variety of issues. Voting records are also listed on issues consid- the U.S. Congress. . Voting records are a matter of public information, providing voters with a basis for judging the positions of incumbents. Voters are encour- aged to ask political challengers to state their positions in the same areas. Voting records of incumbent candidates on a variety of issues State Incumbents and Issues 1. ISTEP funding (1989). Provided that students in non-public, accredited schools were entitled to receive ISTEP program tests and scoring reports from the De- parUnent of Education at no cost to the school. I louse approved 71-27. (Senate approved 45-0.) 2. Informed Consent (1990). Would have required: a physician to tell a pregnant woman about the abortion procedure, risks, gestational age and alternatives to abortion; the Board of Health to publish similar infor- mation; and a 24-hour waiting period. Passed the House 64-34. Failed in the Senate 24-25. 3. Family Leave (1992). Would have allowed unpaid leave for tfie birth, adoption or serious illness of a child or the serious illness of a parent or spouse with pr0tec- tion of employment and benefits. Passed the House in a 59-39 vote. Consideration blocked in the Senate. 4. Assisting Suicide (1993). Prohibits assisting sui- cide in Indiana. Class C felony for assisting a suicide. The bill passed the Senate 41-9, and House 85-12. 5. Public Assistance (1994). A. House bill: would have established a pilot pro- gram to raise Indiana's low financial eligibility stan- dard (33% of poverty). The bill would have allowed Aid to Families with Dependent Children recipients in the pilot counties wl'o work or are able to find work to continue receiving AFDC benefits and keep their wages until they reach poverty level. The bill passed 95 -5. B. Senate bill: would have reduced the amount of AFDC benefits for additional children born after a fam- ily goes on public assistauce and Limited receiving AFDC to 24 months. The bill passed 38-12. 6. Death Penalty (1994). A. House passed a bill permitting the use of the death penalty for nmrder committed during criminal gang activity and drive-by shootings (vote: 80-18). B.The Senate amended the House bill to also allow a separate sentence of life without parole for those crimes and prohibit the use of either of those two sen- tences from being imposed upon a mentally retarded defendant. The Senate vote was 38-12. State Issues Representatives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5A. 6A. State Issues Representatives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5A. 6A. Alderman, Robert K. (g) x x o x x x Alevizos, Thomas J. (D) - - x x x Avery, Dennis T. (O) o x x x x o Ayres, Ralph Donald (R) x x x x x x Bailey, William W. (D) x x x x Bales, Jerry F. (R) o o x o x x Barnes, Vanessa Summen (D) - x o x o Bauer, B. Patrick (D) x x x x x nv Beck, Richard (Pete) (D) o o x x x x Becker, Vaneta (R) x o x x x x Bchning, Robert W. (R) - x x x Bischoff, Robert J. (D) x x x x x x Bodiker, Sr., Richard W. (D) x o x x x x Bosma, Brian C. (R} x x o x x x Bottorff,/ames L. (13) x x x x Brown, Charlie (D) o o x o x o Budak, Mary Kay (R) x o o x x x Burton, Woody (R) x x o x x x Cantwell, Paul F. (D) . o o o Cochran, WilLiam C. (13) x x x x x x Conlon, James C. (R) x x x x Cook, Gary L. (D) x x x x Crawford, William A. (D) x o x nv x o Crosby, Susan R. (D) x x x x Davis, James L. {R) 0 0 O x x x Day, John J. (D) x nv x x x o Denbo, Jerry L. (D) x x x x Dickinson, Mac (D) o o o Dobis, Chester F. (D) x x x x x x Dvorak, Michael A. (D) x x x x x o Engle, Barbara L. (R) o o x x x x Espich, Jeff (g) x x o x x x Feako, Timothy (R) o x x x Foley, Ralph M. (R) - x x x Friend, William C. (R) - x x x Frizzeli, David N. (g) - x x x Fry, Craig R. (D) o o x x x x OiaQuinta, Ben (D) x x x x Goble, Edward (D) x x x x x x Goeglein, Gloria J. (R) o x x x Gregg, John R. (D) o x x x x x Gmbb; F. Dale (D) x x o x o x Galling, Nick (R) - x x x Harris, Earl (13) o o x x x o Hayes. Bob (O) o o x o x o Hays, J. Jeff (D) x o x x x o He.eke, Dennis (D) x x x x x x Henderson, Linda Kay (D) x x x Howard, Earle (D) x x x x x x Flume, Donald E. (D) o x x x x x Kearns, R. Jerome (D) x o x x x o Keeler, John S. (R) x o o o x x Kinser, Douglas M. (D) o o x x x o Klinker, Sheila J. (D) x o o x x o Kromkowski, Thomas S. (D) x x x x x x Kruse, Dennis K. (R) x o x x x Kruzan, Mark(D) o o x nv x o Leuck, Claire (D) x x x x x x Liggett, Ron (D) - x x x Linder, Jeffrey M. (R) - o x x x Lutz, L. Jack (R) - - o x x x Lutz, Larry E. (13) x x x x x x Lyric, Markt L. (D) - x x o Mangus, Richard W. (R) x x o x x x Mannwciler, Paul (R) nv* x o x x x McConncll, Richard L. (D) - x x x x Mock, Dean R. (R) x x o x x x Moses, Jr., Win (D) - x x x Munson, Bruce (R) - o x x Phillips, Michael K. (D) x x x x x nv, Pond, Phyllis J. (R) x o o x x x Porter, Gregory W. (D) - x x o Richardson, Kathy Kreag (R} - x x x Robbins, Stephen A. (g) - o x x x gobertson, Paul J. (13) x x x o x x Ruppel, William J. (Bill) (R) - x x x Scholu', Sue W. (g) - o x x x Smith, Mike (R) - - x x Smith, Vernon G. (D) - ' x o x o Stephan, Dan (R) o x o x x x Sturtz, W. Dale (D) - x x x Tabaczynski, Ron (D) - - x x x Tincher, Vern (D) o o x o x x Turpin, Sam R. (R) x x o x x x Viilalpando, Jesse M. (D) o x x x x x Warner, Philip T. (g) x x o x x x Webber, Rolland L. (D) o x x o x x Willing, Katherine (R) - x x x Wilson, Esther (13) x x x x x x Wolkins, David (R) x x ex x x x Youn 8, Dean A. (R) x o x Young, R. Michael (R) x x o x o x Key to the votes: X-Yes O=No nv = no vote ex = excused nv* = House Speaker, often does not vote - = not in legislature at that time D = Democrat; R = Republicax State Senators Antich, Rose Ann (D) Craycraft, Jr., Allie V. (D) Doll, Maurice (Morrie) (D) Garton, Robert D. (R) Gery, Michael E. (D) Harrison, Joseph W. (R) Helhnann, Robert F. (D) Hume, Lindel O. (D) Johnson, Steven R. (R) Landske, Sue (R) Issues 2. 4. 5B. 611. x X g X X X X O 0 X X X X X X 0 X 0 X 0 0 X X 0 X 0 X X X 0 0 X X X X 0 X X X Lewis, James (D) o Macklin, Larry D. (D) o McCarty, William D. (D) o Merritt, Jr., JamesW. (R) - Mrvan, Jr., Fran k (D) x Nugent, Johnny (R) x O'Day, Joseph F. (D) x Paul, Allen E. (R) x Smith, Kathy (D) o Wheeler, Harold (Potch)(R) x Worman, Richard (R) x Wyss, Thomas J. (R) x Young, Jr., Richard D. (D) nv Zakas, Joseph C. (R) x X X X X X X X X X X X X x x x_..x._.. X X 0 X X X X X X X 0 X x x___...L_x X X X X X X X X X X X X Congressional Incumbents and Issues A. Fetal Tissue Research (1992) Supported torium on abortion-dependent fetal tissue research (vote on conference committee report). B, Family and Medical Leave (1993) unpaid leave for the serious illness, a child or to care for a seriously ill spouse Adopted by the House and Senate.  C. Hyde Amendment (1993) Prohibits Mc ing for abortion except in cases of rape, incest, life ofthemothcr. (Jacobs did not vote, but added h isycs vote soon after the vote by the House.) D. Omnibus Crime Bill (1994) Crime preve strategies, banscertain assault weapons, expandscx punishable by the death penalty to 60 federal cri #cs;, X = Yes; O = No; - = not in legislature at that Nuxnbers indicate district. l United States Issues Representatives A. B. C. P" 1.Visclosky, Peter J. (D) o x x x 3. Roemer, Tim (D) x x x x 4. Long, Jill L. (D) o x x x 5. Buyer, Steve (R) o x o 6. Burtoq, Dan (R) x o x o 7. Myers, John T. (R) x o x o 8. McCioskcy, Frank (13) o x x x 9. Hamilton, Lee H. (D) o o x x 10.Jacobs, Jr., Andrew (D) o x nv/x x United States Issues Senator A. B. C. O. Lugar, Richard O. (R) o o x o