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October 29, 1993     The Message
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October 29, 1993

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October 29, 1993 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana 5 "" Bishop's Forum What next? I began this column in late August in the same way. It was my attempt to remind each of us the personal responsibility to keep the Fifth Commandment: Thou shalt not kill! It demands that we avoid all acts of violence toward our- selves or one another. This past week it was reported that because rival gangs from two public high schools in a largely rural area of our diocese threat- ened to do violence at a football Thou shall not kill ByBISHOP GERALD A. GETTELFINGER the possibility of cloning human be- ings. This is possible by manipulat- ing the human egg and sperm outside the human body so that fertilization takes place. The fertilized eggs are then frozen as "on demand" objects of further manipulation. In the same media coverage, an- other human life was snuffed out with the assistance of a doctor who continues to violate his oath to pre- serve life. He violates the sacred trust with which his clients endowed him. In the bitter strife in Eastern game, the game was canceled. Just yesterday, Sunday, October 24, 1993, a youngster from one of our city parishes in Evans- villa told me that his brother was in the hospital be- cause other youths had done him violence. I asked him if there was some reason they "beat u "his brother o - P , , r were they just being mean. He wasn t Sure, but thought it was the latter. In any case, it Was violence of one against another. In the news, also "esterda- and more so toda there i o , J J Y, tar report of research that demonstrates Europe, there are reports of warring soldiers raping and killing innocent women and chil- dren by reducing them to "things of war." Or in their pretense to revile them they in fact reduce them to "toys for pleasure" only to destroy them physically, mentally and psychologically. These are real examples of what happens to us when we reduce each other to the level of "things" or "objects." Somehow we human beings are capable of assuming we have a right to own and control the very origins of life, not to mention life in full bloom. If I am able to rationalize my way into be- lieving that you are an "it," then my treatment is not limited. Power becomes the motivation for my actions, not moral conduct. Oh, yes, we can find all sorts of "sugar- coated reasons" for our actions, be it under the language of "mercy" and "kindness." We can veil our violation of human life with the cloak of re- search. There is the common jargon of science that refers to "genetic material," embryo, fetus. What ever happened to "she is with child?" As innocent as it seems, childhood games smack of this ability of ours to reduce each other to things. How often in play you have heard an innocent child cry out: 'You're 'it!'" not thinking about what can happen when we take away all limits, all boundaries of human conduct. My suggestion again is that each of us watch the very language we use on a day to day basis. Let us monitor how we refer to each other. You are not an "it," nor am I. We are children of God! We are not "things" of the evil one. school students today. Tony Fehrenbacher St. Wendel, Evansville ltol - "-" Susan Kroupa Y Redeemer, Evansville my faith need to irit to speak to me. With others who desire ame will allow the Spirit the faith in us and Within and those wh lye Stoppe d giving to our S 'Steve Li acre z_ . ndvall d -=cart, Vincennes on active ro00e Zeve in t  clal process. ] be- for its e:n. e 8ynod, the reasons xtStenc Q.nd l wa, "" e at this tme, tPlemet  o Play a part in the " cation o " t the Years - ftts drectt yes o COme " lat her Gordon Mann t. Joseph, Jaspe Carpe Diem! The Spirit is so obviously moving in our diocese to challenge us to a deeper spir- itual growth and sincere recon- ciliation. If we are to capture and embrace the real meaning of Church/Christianity, we need to unite. By calling to- gether our dedicated human re- sources, by establishing con- crete direction, by clarifying rolesgoals, and by genuine commitment to affirmative ac- tion...we can enable our diocese to move forward in solidarity as the people of God. I appreci- ate the opportunity to be a part of the '93 Synod. D. El. Marsili St. Joseph, Dale Because my pastor appointed me and because I am vitally in- terested in all aspects, tradi- tional and changing, of my Catholic rel.igion, my parish policies and activities and the affairs of the diocese. Mary Louise Eluere St, Francis Xavier, Vincennes I feel strongly that laity and especially women need to have more responsibility and a greater voice in the Church. I care about the direction of the Church in Southwestern Indi- ana. Linda Evinger Holy Redeemer, Evansville My Catholic faith and Church are very special to my. self, my family and to those I meet. I want to make sure my Catholic Church s there for my children's as well as other Christians" needs! Diane Fehrenbacher St. Wendel, Evansville Being a part of the younger generation, I realize that I have an important role to :follow: to continue in the aid of the Church and its actions. These are big shoes to fill. However, I understand by representing the community of Mater Dei High School, I will be taking a step in the right direction by pre- PRAYER FOR THE SYNOD LET US PRAY Diocese of Evansville :td f life and love, You sent Your Son to live among us, tha we raight know and love You, vv e . ra!ght serve and worship You as Your fmthful people. Assist thaWS in living holy lives as faithful disciples of Jesus, Your Son, -" XOur r in our midst that oth p esence may be known and felt so ,L ers too may come to know and love You *tey raay begin to serve and worship You. lraPWer us with Your Spirit to use fully the many h gifts Yo- ' ere u nave given us. t. ase Our faith. qelp Us to See Your plan for the Church. As v - s th:look to the future, may our plans be faithful to Yours, Y e: he Church of Southwestern Indiana' Xour kingdom through preaching and living Your gospel. 'Ml Praise be Yours through Jesus Christ Our Lord! I believe the Synod is a mo- ment of grace for our Diocese and I feel privileged to partici- pate in it. Even though we all are very busy people, I see my work for the Synod as an op- portunity to be part of service to the Church. David Franklin Corpus Christi, Evansville I am concerned about the commitment of our diocese to the college-aged youth of the diocese and about the lack of a faith relationship between our parishes and those who try to provide ministry and liturgical support to college students. Augustine Frederieh Holy Rosary, Evansville To represent the diocesan community and to witness this historical event. Edward Wilkerson Good Shepherd, Evansville I like the changes that he and are taking place in our Church and would like to be a part of anything that the Church does. William Wallace St. John, Newburgh I feel that it is my obligation as a young Christian to give the general thoughts and view- points of my generation to those who will be influential in changing and shaping the Catholic Church of tomorrow. -- Clara Yonderwell Sacred Heart, Vincennes D I desire to serve my Gad to the fullest of my abilities. 2) I feel the Church is drasti. cally changing and I feel called by the Spirit to participate in this change. 3) St. Anthony asked me to do this. Carol Vollman SK Anthony, Evansville I'm interested in the direc- tion the Church is heading re. garding women's roles as well as the current shortage of peo- ple seeking vocations. I think a lot of the problems today stem front the less-than-holy lives that people lead. Susan Wehr St. Anthony, St. Anthony As Daughters of Charity, we are Daughters of the Church. I desire to participate in this unique opportunity of the Church of Southwestern Indi- ana because it will give me in- sight into the diocese in which many of our Sisters live and work; it will also enable input for the future. Sister Marsha Tierney Resurrection, Evansville Participation in the Synod process has truly been a learn- ing experience. It has shown me that the success of any busi- ness, organization or church depends not only on leadership, but individuals as well. Hope. fully, this Synod process will continue to guide us all down the path of faith in our church. Michael Stormont Sts. Peter and Paul, Haubstadt Enjoying the Catholic Church as it is, I would like a voice in ensuring that we, as a church, continue to serve God's needs as intended by Christ and his disciples. -- John Stoll St. Joseph, Bramble I was asked by several church members to be a repre. sentative for Holy Rosary. I feel that this would be a very edu- cational way to serve my reli. gious community and am very excited about having the chance to be a voice for the young people of our parish. Marilyn Schroering Holy Rosary, Evansville Why do you want to be a delegate to Synod '93? Some selected responses As a new resident villa az to Evans- senting the concerns of high I r ,,u a practicing Catholic. d[o:Pe to learn more about the to t eas Well as bring ideas _ " [orum O.e 1_ can--_ . /now everyone s, ow tn their faith.