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Evansville, Indiana
September 20, 1991     The Message
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September 20, 1991

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The Message m for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana September 20, 1991 Editorial and churches ][ I Seeina chair I in their proper perspec!ive I[ I The rungs of the chair were pulling apart. If pieces back into place was also quick and easy. same d p . t I let the g y with the chair | [ I the chair was not fixed quicky, it would fall apart The glue would dry in a matter of hours, in the place where it will be used. I could have | [ I completely. As I was about to walk away from the up- made the pieces conform to my idea of uniform I [ I The chair was in the kitchen. It was one of ended chair, I realized that the legs and rungs proportion, but then the chair would have web- I [ several of the same design. All of them had similar might be pulled tightly together but the bled and quickly come apart again. I [ [ problems at one time or another., chances were pretty slim that they would be in The chair is still imperfect. But it works. And I [ The chairs were built with legs angled apart, exactly the right position, it won t fall apart, at least for a while. Tile chair is | [ Rungs between the legs were supposed to hold I turned the chair over, to set it on its feet, as adapted to work in the place where it is supposed I [ [ them together. Sitting on the chair  and that of it were. Sure enough, one of the legs did not to work. Aren t we all a little bit like that? I [ / course is what the chair was supposed to be for touch the floor. I pushed down on the chair to Who among us has not discavered that our I [ / tended to force the supporting legs farther and far- rearrange its parts while the glue was still wet. relationships with others vary a great deal? I [ ther apart. Then I realized that the chair was in the base- Which of us has the perfect family.? Personal / The design was imperfect, ment, and the floor of the basement slopes to- tries are a lot like rungs and legs of a chair they II [ So are we. ward a drain. I feared that the chair would lean don t always fit together in the same way, or with [ [ Repair was necessary for the chair. A quick if I allowed the glue to dry in that position, the same degree of strength. I | / fixwouldkeepitfromgreaterdamageuntilmore Itookthechairbacktothekitchen, andset Whichofushasthe erfect arislfMinp " P ' " I! complete repairs, could be.made, I thought.. So .I it in place by the table. I sat on it, to apply the istries depend on the imperfect people who live took the chair rote the basement, turned it upside kind of weight to it that it should have. And them. And people don't always respond in the [ down and opened a container of Wood glue. that s what fixed the chair, same way to the pressure that is exerted on them. I I The loosened rungs were easy to force out of As I looked at it, I realized that not all of the It is the pressure of doing what we are sup- I | I their sockets. A quick cleaning of the ends and a legs were slanted at the same angle. Not all of posed to be doing that forces us into the shape to I | , light application of glue was easy enough. Pushing the rungs were pushed into their sockets to the do it. J [ / Washington Letter [ ? ' 1 Black conservatzsm: Sell out or revival of tradztmnal values By LAURIEHANSEN embodies the views of tile gy Caucus, told Catholic a political or moral view. I the priest, pastor of Balti" " Catholic News Service majority of black Americans News Service Sept. 12 that he think disagreement among more's St. Cecilia's Parish. I is nominated and con- 'absolutely believes Thomas black leaders is a healthy He said he would hope I WASHINGTON (CNS) firmed," said William F. Gib- has the right to be a political sign." Thomas wouldn't foret that [ Does Clarence Thomas, a son, NAACP chmrman of the conservahve. He noted that some because of his t3ublicstatur e black man who grew up poor board. But, he said, it s not un- Thomas opponents had ac- ' he has a place of honor, a [ in the segregated South be- Such reasoning for oppos- common for members of an cused the nominee of "selling osition of reverence" and a [ fore earning his law degree at ing the Thomas nomination oppressed group to demand out" for marrying a white responsibility as a role model [ Yale University and being prompted George Wesolek, certain behavior from its woman. "The same people within the blackcommunitv. nominated to ...... his nation's writer. ........ for the San Francisco more prominent members, who will criticize him for But, in' Wesolek" 's we" v, [ highest court, have the. right Catholic, monthly magazine Thomas, he .said, has spo- that will push for programs, to "the very eo 1.e who oft@ ! to beapohhcal'' conservahve." ? of the Archdmcese' of San ken out about his beliefs .... ehmmate colorbamers. That .... f, mn,P P,q ..... t,, and | Does Thomas have a re- Francisco, to ask in his which run contrary to those he is married to a Caucasian .'p n.i'r,''x'n'ooSi" I sponsibility  because he is September column, "Are all of black civil rights leaders woman is totally irrelevant," i,,,',],,'r,,,rmaS [ African American and be African Americans su osed and, in so doing, produced a on  .:.-- - ........... :'",,u's ........ I o- ..... - ... ,- ..... PP ......  , s .... . u,,nup, his difference of opinion, [ cause ot ms pUDIlC stature  to nlnK HKe nurgooa Mar- mmny argument Thomas s criticism of r,or , ...... A I ......... ? ....... "..  ,, .. only oecause it ts black an' | to take certain predictable snail. n reality, romer Kowe tain oovernment handouts ....... I , . ,  (lliieren[. stands on behalf of those who Marshall, the nahon s first sald, he s not certain that has validity contends Bishon ....... 'J [ . , . j t- a in lnomas has so*" will follow him? black Supreme Court ]ushce Thomas s ulhmate goals for Fisher .,,Y g ..... ,, [ Civil n hts rou s mclud who cham tuned clwl n hts soclet are so far from the ,, , om lUSt oecause ne aoesu- " 'g g p , " - P' ." ' "g " Y Nobody s proud to have to .......... - [ ...... i lena iv'l snare ne merat agenuu lng the Congresslonal Black causes during hls years on goals of trad t l c i deend on overnment hand - | ......   - smacks of bi otry, argue Caucus, the Natmnal Assocm- the court, announced hs re- rights leadership, outs to be totally enslaved ...... g ...... -i- [ ' " ' e ' however "'" lsnop rlsner, we neea u tmn for the Advancement of hrement m June. President H said, , that to the government. People ba ........... is | e verslty oi o mmn ires Colored People and the Lead- Bush nominat d Thomas to Thomas s apparent distrust sically want to be self-suffi- - .... P .... ership Conference on Civil succeed him. for certain government insti- cient They want a hand up," menca, ne says. [ Rights, have publicly op- This is nothing against tutions that have traditionally saidihebisho n  _-'1 | posed Thomas's nomination, Thurgood Marshall, but don't helped blacks get ahead Father Doald Sterlino I Letters to the edi-! [ saying his political philoso- blacks have a right to think "seems to fly in the face" of nresident of the Nationai I [ [ h was detrimental to the differently from him?" asked the fact that they also helped BlackCathnli," .lero,, Ca,,,',, ] tot are welcome. I [ Pn!Ystqblk:nd the black WSelek'id the response of ho'tthetr'ic,an-Ameri-sadAanYnb'lck:cnsidr ILetterssubmittedforl[ communitv must and will some liberals to a black con- cans, Thomas s pull-your- ha y ,. .... o,...oo.. I .. .1 ! continue to'fight until an ap- servative Supreme Court self-up-by-the- bootstraps" conservaveto'eaUsel.ou I publication must oe I ! nronriate replacement who nominee appears to be, "you philosophy suggests that he om ......... '' ........ I .- . l [ can t be a real black, un|ess beheves the government has ..... I stoned and must in- I I , . . . from whence ne came. " you re the kind of black we no responsibflxty to help out ........ I . 1 ! ,, . m mos people s minas, The 1,!',/" want He called such sent]- those who have suffered from ....... I clude a daytmel [ lvllc.oott3rlE ' ,, . . ,, , . . , ,. . . .. ., we cannot anora to align our- I | ! merit patronmng ann a socmta ascnmmauon, sam .......  -- 4200 N Kentuck Ave .... serves wtn mose WhO seem Evansville, IN 4770-0169 kind of reve rasm,,ls BrtheROtheer hand he sa'd to be our oppressors," said I teIephone number, j ! Weekl news a erofthe Thomas's views obviously that same philosophy and ' _ I DioYse of PvPnsville fall short of being "politically "other so-called conservative !"1 o    I ! correct," Wesoleksaid. stances 'held by Thomas lsnoos scneoum I! Published weekly except last week in "But that is hardly enough have been traditional African- ----------I ............ I ! December by the Catholic Press of .... " to keep him off the bench of American positions. The following activities and events are listed on the [ [ ;:lirt ue B,shopGeraldA Gettolfinger the highest court in the land. Auxiliary Bh3ePs C:r iAs . schedule of Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger | [ iate'Pubiis'he Rev J0seph Ziliak Rather what are his abilities Fisher of Los A g , g" - . I ! Editor ...................... iiiiiiiiiiiiiil...,...PaulLeingang as a judge? What are his abili- tered Democrat and a strong I I ;iuion nManager ..................... unhiNBiniigerr ties as a lawyer and a Thomas backer, told CNS l It Advertisingiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.PaulNewland thinker? And fundamentally, Sept. 12 that U.S. blacks are I I ! Address al communicatons to P 0 wha 1 ' ! . t are his abilit'es tO be a not monolithic. " dB t:  :,;:; a :l I i ox,,9. Evans.,l,e, ,N 4772,-0,09 clear and compassionate in- "Certainly Thomas is enti- , : : Iii Subscnpton rate: " " nt ' " ' ' .... =" ' " e=n-er .... r terpreter of the Consttu- tled to have dfffere pohhcal ho|ic Center Thursda,, Se,t . I I ! SngeCopyPrce'$50 tlon? heasked, views. I support many of his : I [ ' " ...... F' :, .... Merest Brother C rlan wews, sadBlshop sher Entered as 2nd class matter at the post " YP . . . .,aolic Center, Friday, Sept, I I i offce n Evansville, IN 47701. Publica- Rowe, a former executive di- The bishop said he agreed .... :: : I I [ tion number 843800. rector of both the Washing- with some of the Rev. Jesse Sarto :Retreat House, Friday I I I Postmaster Return POD forms 3579 to Officeof Publication ton-based National Office for Jackson s political stands, but ; 9, ' " I | ....... Black Catholics and of the "] don't su err Jesse Jack- I i Copyright lr-J1 Catholic Press of I=vansvil,e . . , P p . ' ' J Nahonal Black Cathohc Cler- son s stand on abortzon from - :|