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September 19, 1997     The Message
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September 19, 1997

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12 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana September 19, -t Lessons teens can learn from love By CHARLIE MARTIN Cafl'olic News Service MORE THAN THIS I could feel'at the time/There was no way of know- ing/Like falling leaves in the night/We can't see where they are blowing/As free as the wind/Hope- fully learning why/The sea on the tide/Has no way of turning REFRAIN More than this/You know there's nothing/More than this/Tell me one thing/More than this/You know there's nothing It was fun for a while/There was no way of know- ing/Like a dream in the night/We can't see where we are going/Not a care in the world/Maybe I'm learn- ing/Why the sea on the tide/Has no way of turning tREPEAT REFRAIN TWICE.) Written and sung by 10,000 Maniacs. Copyright (c) 1997 by Geffen Records. What happens to a group that loses its lead singer? What if this vocalist happens to be Natalie Ivlerchant? Well, for 10,000 Maniacs, you just look around in the band and find Mary Ramsey. She used to sing the back-ups for Merchant. However, as we can tell from the group's new hit "More Than This," she is quite capable in this new position. The song is a whimsical, lyrical ballad about the uncertainties of romance. The woman in the song "could feel at the time there was no way of knowing" how her romance would proceed. It was "like a dream in the night." She could not "see" where the relationship was "going." Yet, she feels that she will learn a lot, like "why the sea on the tide has no way of turning." This metaphor describes the feeling of the unknown turns in a relationship. Love, like all of life, can be a great teacher if we open our hearts to receive its lessons. So, what if you're in a new dating situation and things are really going well? What if you start hoping that what you have now will eventually lead to "more than this?" The best way to find the answer is to take lots of time. It may sound trite, but it's true: When it comes to love, only fools rush in! Highschool is not the phase of life to think about "forever." It is the time to learn and grow, a time to discover more about your- self and other people. "Forevers" that begin in high school often end up far less than eternal. During your teen years, consider these lessons about love: 1. Learn to listen. Few activities are more ing to a relationship than genuine listening. This means putting aside your points of view and the feelings and needs of another. Listening does mean agreeing with another, but it does tell the son that his or her perspective is respected. 2. Learn your own values. Even in romance are individuals first. It is a big mistake to lose the sense of your individuality for the sake of love. ognize what choices and behaviors are in line your values. Doing so will help you evaluate what type of person you want to date. 3. Learn to laugh. All relationships face chal- lenges and problems. Keeping your sense of through such times is essential if the romance 1 to lead to "more than this." Hurts still will occur, humor offers a path beyond the pain. 4. Learn to make God a part of your All love comes from God. Leaving God out of a tionship short-circuits the Source that brin uals together in loving ways. Talk to your dating partner about what God means to you. Discuss both of you might include God in your Your comments are always welcome, a Charlie Martin, 7125 W 200S, Rockport, Ind. 47635. .......  " - L . d THE CATHOLIC COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN NEW YORK (CNS) -- The fol- lowing are capsule reviews of movies recently reviewed by the u-q. Catholic Conference (USCC) Office for Film and Broadcast- ing. Ratings are also given by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). "Bandwagon" (Cinepix) Comic road movie in which four disparate youths (led by Lee Holmes) set out to make a name for their rock 'n' roll band by playing gigs all over the South until a record con- tract with strings attached threatens to break them up. Writer-director John Schultz uses some low-key, good- natured humor to make the proceedings mildly entertain- ing despite a thin story and halting pace. Benign attitude towards theft, implied sub- stance abuse, occasional pro- fanity and a few uses of rough language. The USCC classifica- tion is A-III  adults. Not rated by the MPAA. "The End of Violence" (MGM) Murky drama in which a movie mogul (Bill Pullman) sus- pected of killing two hit men goes on the lam, then finds him- self being spied upon by a top- secret government agency. Director Wim Wenders starts out to show how one act of vio- lence comes to affect many peo- ple but gets lost in dense story strands that are finally tied together laboriously and with Kathy Troccoli concert canceled A concert scheduled Saturday, Sept. 20 at Memorial High School, Evansville, has been canceled; as a result of a mix-up over its purpose. The concert had been promoted as an "Area-wide youth con- cert to promote abstinence." The featured performer, Kathy Troccoli, said she expected an audience of all ages, and that the purpose of the concert was to introduce and promote her latest album, "Love & Mercy." Troccoli is widely known as a contemporary Christian singer who has also achieved success with Adult Contemporary music. Black Bugg;y Amish Restaurant & Bakery 812-254..8966 Hwy 57 S. Washington M&S Fire & Safety Equip. Co. Inc. Over 25 years sates and service n me Tri-state 670 E. Franklin 424-3863 I dll,, (812) 254-2641 SAVINGS BANK, FSB 200 E. Van Trees St., Washington 50 Main St., Petersburg I I } HAUBSTADT ELECTRIC Ln, 80 Insured lumal. Commercial and Residential PO, Box 405 TONY NAZARIO Haubsta IN 47639 812.768-5207 1-800-766,2787 little impact. Brief violence, fleeting nudity, some profanity and recurring rough language. The USCC classification is A-III adults. The MPAA rating is R restricted. "Fire Down Below" (Warner Bros.) Formula action movie in which an indestructible Envi- ronmental Protection Agency agent (Steven Seagal) single- handedly saves an Appalachian community's water supply from a greedy mogul (Kris Kristoffer- son) while also rescuing a beau- tiful woman (Marg Helgenberg- er) from her abusive brother (Stephen Lang). Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala, the plot is predictable, the characters are one-dimensional and Seagal's macho heroics tiresome. Much 'Nothing Sacred' an uneasy mix By HENRY HERX Catholic News Service Offering viewers something more substantive than escapist froth is "Nothing Sacred" (ABC, Thursdays, 8-9 p.m. EDT), a drama series about a Catholic priest in an inner-city parish. As unlikely as that may seem for a prime-time network show, the pilot proves an uneasy mix of Catholic themes and soap opera melodramatics, with so B Ot, ID li  WASHINGTON-SHOALS-LOOGOOTE E II uneven results suggesting the series has little chance against the time period's stiff competi- tion. Catholics who choose to watch, however, will do so crit- ically, especially in regard to how accurately each episode represents church teachings and practice. In the pilot, Father Ray strug- gles through a variety of prob- lems, the central one being reap- pearnace of an old girlfriend. Vincennes Bicknell Sandborn Monroe City AmBank Princeton  'P" Patoka Member ED.I.C. MUENSTERMAN'S  W_a LoanFIRST FEDERAL FIRESTONE SERVICE, INC. ington & Loogooteo 1400 W. Franklin Evansville, IN 424-5000 FOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE FISCHER ELECTRIC INC. SCHNELLVILLE, IN WASHINGTON, IN 389-2418 ,s,430 TOLL FREE I800-GMC-CHEV COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Auto! Home! Fire & Life! Your Personal Service Agent James L. Will Ins. Agency Inc. 1925 W. Franklin Street 425-3187 stylized violence, sexual ences, occasional profanity several instances of rough guage. The USCC cla! is A-III --adults. The MPAAZ ing is R restricted. "The Game" Twisty drama about an gant San Francisco banker (Michael Dou whose birthday gift estranged brother (Sean is a bizarre game which banker's life and fortune in i stant danger from assailants. Directed by Fincher, the proceedings are absorbing,! penseful and patently Stylized violence, profanity and frequent language. The USCC c tion is A-III -- adults. MPAA rating is R