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Evansville, Indiana
September 11, 1987     The Message
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September 11, 1987

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12 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana September 11, 1987 Sports Rutter on Sports By DAVE RUTYER Multiple choice: here's a variation on popular Trivial Pursuit game An acquaintance who practices before the bar once told me of his favorite client, a middle-aged man facing 5-to-10 for entering a second-floor apartment with the intent of liberating stereo equipment being held against its will. The legal system, it seems, has little apprecia- tion for liberation theology and, thus, wouldn't buy the premise that the man was only doing the Lord's work. "How do you plead, guilty or not guilty," asked the judge. "You mean," said the man with as much sincerity as he could summon, "that's my only choice?" When I first developed a passing interest in Trivial Pursuit's less-popular variations, much the same thought crossed my mind. Had it not been for the multiple-choice questions, my academic career would have been even more brief -- and less spectacular if that is possible -- than the record proves it is. It always seemed to me that the great weaknesses of all forms of "TP" was that there was one right answer and no help in sifting through the multitudes of wrong answers that seemed much more logical. Seems palpably unfair if you ask me. Thus, when I journalistically assayed a previously unknown variation on "TP" in a col- umn recently, that was a flaw I was attempting to address. I must tell you that I received volumes of response from that piece. But I am never swayed by the hootings and braying from the masses and vowed to press ahead if the opportunity ever presented itself. I refused to bow to hints of physical violence. I will give you another chance to pass judg- ment on a form of "TP" which never made it to the shelves of your local emporium. It's uch like Genus, Genus II and Baby-Boomer. It's called Semi-Literate I. One more word before we begin. For some reason not clearly understood, the makers of all "TP" variations have lumped several unrelated ac- tivities under one category. For example, all "TP" variations include questions about Joe Louis and Babe Ruth in the same category as inquiries about alcoholic beverages. "Leisure" it's called. I have known people who could -- and would -- achieve athletic heights under the influence that would have caused serious bodily injury had they been cold sober. But whether this is sports I leave for you to decide. Anyway, here we go. 'A: What's a young female racehorse called? 1. A nagette. 2. Alpo on the hoof. C. A pony. D. A filly. B: Who moves first in chess? 1, The guy who wants to. 2. The one who ate chili. 3. No one really cares. 4. White. C: Where were the 1956 Summer Olympics held? 1. My back yard. 2. Elberfeld, Ind. 3. Sidney. 4. Melbourne. D: What averted an Arab boycott of the 1948 Summer Olympics? 1. They decided to start a war instead. 2. Pleas by the pope. 3. Israel's exclusion. 4. The discovery of oil. E: What's a natatorium? 1. A store where natty dressers buy hats. 2. A place where gnats are grown. 3. A small French bathtub. 4. A swimming pool. F: How-many fingers are used to draw a bow? 1. It depends whether you use a pencil or a pen. 2. Eight. 2. You need to put your feet on the bow and use both hands to pull back the string. 4. Three. G: What does a brandophile collect? 1. Marion Brando's old sweat socks. 2. Brandy. 3. Large buttons. 4. Cigar bands. H: What did "The Gas House Gang" play? 1. Three nights in Dubuque. 2. Wind chimes. 3. Lead spokesmen in Rolaids commercials. 4. Baseball. I: What's approaching when a road-racing cyclists shquts "Oil!" 1. A Wesson Oil tank truck. 2. A bus filled with women on their way to a cellulite convention. 3. Shelley Winters. 4. A car. J: What basketball maneuver did Bert Loomis invent? 1. He was the first basketball player to signal to TV New teen magazine has self-help articles ASBURY, N.J. (NC) -- The: Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima has inaugurated a new youth magazine called Hearts Aflame. The publication for Catholic young people is a bimonthly with a $2 annual subscription price. Its premiere June-July issue had a press run of 20,000 copies, according to a message in the first issue. The first full-color issue ell - Hearts Aflame included both: religious and self-halp articles for teens. Among them were ar- ticles on St. Joan of Arc and on: Dissent Coattaued [rom page 1 the 345 priests and 469 sisters responding to the survey disagreed with several key church teachings," according to the Detroit newspaper. Half of the priests and nuns surveyed disagree with the ban on artificial birth control and h=: .said women should be allowed to be ordained priests. More than 60 percent said priests should be allowed to marry, according to the poll. But an overwhelming majori- ty -- gl percent of priesL and 81 percent of nuns -- agreed with church teaching that abor- tion is wrong. By NC News Service how the Blessed Virgin hought a student at Franciscan Univer- sity of Steubenville to Christ. Topics of other articles in- cluded dealing with peer Jressure, divorce of parents and ! drugs. Editor's Note: For further in- formation, write: Hearts Aflame, The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Asbury, N.J. 08802 : -Z= .... = -_:----=- -____- _=:= n I THE MARIAN YEAR PAPAL COIN ORDER NOW AND ENJOY SPECIAL PRE-MINTINO PRICE Limited Ed[don. Each coin accompanied by a numbered Certificate of authenflclw. Once the Marian year ends, the die will be destroyed. The coin of the 1987-1988 Marian year is delicately and painstakingly created from the finest mint quality metals. The Marian Coin my be ordered now at the pre-minting price of only $20.00 each. Please send me coins (limit 5). ! further understand that, if I am not |mtisfled, I may return them within 30 days for a full refund.  Each coin is $20.00. Please add $3.00 for shipping and handling per coin.) [] My check or money order is enclosed for $ Make check payable to and send to: CHURCH POINT MINT, 1920 E. Hallandsle Bch. Blvd., Suite 708, Halhndale, FL 33009 N|m: Addrell Telephone Number:. City: Stat:. Zip: IPLEASE PRam CLEAIL. PLEASE ALLOW 6 WEEKS FOg DELIVERY. cameras that "We're No. 1." 2. Bert Loomis never played basketball. 3. He invented the "Loomis," which is what the set shot used to be called. 4. The dribble. K: What baseball player was called "The Splendid Splinter?" 1. Wood.y Woodward. 2. Hal Woodishick. Birch Bayh. 4. Ted Williams. L: What NFL team was named after its first coach? 1. The Toledo Freds. 2. The Bert Loomis Bombers. 3. The Caspar Weinberger Galloping Ghosts. 4. The Cleveland Browns. M: What's a pugilist? 1. A pugi who tilts to one side. 2. Scotch with a vermouth chaser. 3. A roster of pugils. 4. A boxer. N: Who did the "Seven Mules" block for? 1. The Seven Dwarfs. 2. Two-ton Tony Gallento. 3. Three-Finger Mordecai Brown. 4. The Four Horsemen on Notre Dame. O: Where did the rumba originate? 1. Carmen Miranda sat down on a bee hive. 2. Desi Arnaz. 3. Fred Mertz. 4. Cuba. P: What soccer player is known as "The Black Pearl?" 1. Pearl Bailey. 2. Pearl Buck. 3. Muhammad Abromowicz. 4. Pele. Q: What basketball player was known as "The Big O." 1. Oscar Mayer. 2. Oscar Hamulka. 3. Sadahura Oh. 4. Oscar Robertson. R: What is changed when you tack your racing yacht? 1. Yachts don't use tacks; they use nails. 2. I don't have a yacht; so how would I know? 3. The hem. 4. The direction. S: What drink was invented by oilmen who used their tools to stir it. 1. There's no alternate answer I can provide which the bishop will allow me to print. 2. The screwdriver. So that's the last question and now I suppose you are sitting there waiting for me to give you the answers. Sorry, I have to run. I'm late for class. "Multiple-Choice Brain Surgery 101." s" __m FAMOUS BRANDS FOR LESS. FURNITURE - CARPET- APPLIANCES HOME OUTFITTERS /''JASPER- LOOGOOTEE- WASHINGTON WE DELIVER ALL OVER SOUTHERN INDIANA ik\\; '-" / , .... : Medical Arts Pharmacy ), 3700 Bellemeade Avenue Phone 477-1532 Donald Gutzweiler City-Wide Delivery Duncan's Riverside Pharmacy Pnm:pUon DmPSundrkm.Cosmlcs Mspzlna - "We Ddlv" Corner Riverside and Governor Evansville 422-9981 Newburgh Pharmacy BILL REINE, Pharmacist Complete Prescription Service and Health Supplies Phone 853-6166 IIIIHI&.-77..-----..- YOUR FAMILY PHARMACY PAUL'S Pharmacy Paul Mayer, Owner 2170 W. Franklin St. 425-7141 Plaza Pharmacy Newburgh Plaza Shopping Center Fast Prescription Service Ken and Rebecca Hacker 853-7141 Oak Hill Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Hwy. 62 and N. Welnbach Ave. LARRY SCHULTHEIS, Prop. 425-4422 Stratman's Pharmacy City-Wide Delivery 413 Locust Street John and Judy Stratman 425-5293 nl iii I u '