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Evansville, Indiana
August 27, 1993     The Message
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August 27, 1993

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27,1993 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana 5 |, Bishop's Forum Thc,ll shall not kill What next? An "abortionist doctor" says that what he is doing is legal and right and that nobody is going to stop him. A "suicide doctor" who has also taken an oath to preserve life assists yet another person to com- mit suicide with the exhortation that what he is doing is right and proper. Further, he will continue to do these "acts of mercy" for anyone who asks. Two youngsters are accused of taking the life of one whom they thought to be "an unknown" in an act of robbery only to dis- cover their victim was a popular figure in our nation. As if that was not enough, they used the dead man's car telephone to listen to pornogra- phy. It was from such phone calls that their identity was discovered. A self-proclaimed defender of life takes the commandments into her own hands and shoots an abortionist in the name of life! She is charged with attempted murder. A priest in Alabama prepares an ad for the paper showing a person directing the barrel of a pistol toward an abortionist with the caption: "Justifiable Homicide?" He was reprimanded by his archbishop. By BISHOP GERALD A. GETTELFINGER If these last two zealots whose claim was to defend life are so willing to destroy life in "the name of life,".ought we not be gravely concerned. Our Holy Father, in speaking to the people of the Archdiocese of Denver, dedicated his talk to the preservation of life. A significant portion of it was directed to the vi- olence in our land, and indeed the world. He minced no words. Vio- lence in all its forms must stop! Who is responsible for stopping violence? None of us es- cape that responsibility. It may be true that I am power- less to affect the media from glorifying violence. It may not be possible for me to change society that thrives on violence. I may not be effective in con- vincing family members to stop violence in daily life. However, I must be responsible for my own actions when it comes to the fifth commandment: "Thou shalt not kill!" I will be held accountable for the acts of violence over which I have direct and personal control. Examine your conscience. Oh no, I do not mean to infer that you have committed murder ei- ther of the unborn or assisted in suicide, nor of pointing a gun at another. No. But I ask you to consider the more common acts of violence often mira " I $22,000 collected in 00liocese for flood victims the Catholic Center amounted to $13,080.31, as of Aug. 13. Individuals sent in another $9,374.75. A check for $22,400 was sent to Catholic Charities USA on Aug. 13. Later that same day, additional dona- tions of $55.06 were received, and will also be forwarded with any other contributions collected, to the national agency coordinating the relief efforts of the Catholic Church. By PAUL R. LEINGANG Message editor ly' to ?he he of. to Lho , of He ,ar- tO ok, : au i lic! II1 1 2 i i An interim flood collection port shows that parishes d individuals in the Dio- se of Evansville have con- tibuted more than $22,400 to ielp Midwestern river flood rictims. Contributions are leing forwarded to Catholic ,arities USA. According to Msgr. Ken- Leth. R. Knapp, vicar general, barish collections received at PRAYER FOR THE SYNOD Diocese of Evansville LET US PRAY "1 i::God of life and love, You sent Your Son to live among us, i ] !! that we might know and love You, i[li . . . I that we nght serve and worship You as Your faithful people. ! J IAssist us in living holy lives as faithful disciples of Jesus, Your Son, |sot that Your presence may be known and felt in our midst, that others too may come to know and love You so they may begin to serve and worship You. K'npower us with Your Spirit to use fully the many gifts You have given us. Increase our faith. Help us to see Your plan for the Church. t I I 1 I i I ! ",1 !1 "1 : As we look to the future, may our plans be faithful to Yours, so that we, the Church of Southwestern Indiana, aay further Your kingdom through preaching and living Your gospel. ,11 praise be Yours through Jesus Christ Our Lord! ,MEN! i i i IIII committed in the name of self-righteousness or to mask personal failure. When was the last time you yelled at an um- pire or referee? Yelling at others to demean them or their actions is no less an act of violence. Do you ever use abusive language when speaking of law enforcement officers when, in fact, you were the one who broke the law? In the past month, how have you treated your husband? Your wife? Your children? Has there been any act of violence in your home be it physical, psychological or spiritual? "Thou shalt not kill" either the body or the spirit. What about your example? Are you a violent person? Do you take out your frustrations by a pas- sive act of violence? The silent treatment? Ma- nipulation of the other person? Have you hit anyone? Did you pout or act sullen when you were caught in wrong doing? Have you given bad example in any way? Has your anger been out of control? Do you enjoy vi- olent movies, yes, even cartoons? Note, it is always easy to accuse others of being violent. It is most difficult to admit one's own sin of violence. If each of us is responsible for not being vio- lent, violence will disappear. You must not kill either the body or the spirit of another for whatever reason! Faith is strengthened when it is given to others! This is a favorite phrase of Pope John Paul II, perhaps because our Holy Father is such a strong proponent of evangelization. In recent years, he has called for a revitalization of Catholics' efforts to share the Faith. As he has continually emphasized, the church is mis- sionary by her very nature. This is a timely thought as we consider Pentecost and Jesus' charge to his Disciplies, which comes down to us through the ages: "Go out and spread the Good News to the ends of the earth!" Have you ever noticed that when you discuss your faith with someone else, or when you witness to Christ's love through caring for those in need, you feel a special surge in your own faith? In moments when we share our faith with others, the Holy Spirit is very much present, opening the minds and hearts of all involved to a fuller awareness of God's pres- ence in our lives. Evangelization, then is a two-way street: when we share Jesus' Good News with others, not only does this pro- vide a chance for them to know God better, but our own relationship with God is strength- ened, This two-wav street is why the work of the Holy Childhood Associ- ation (HCA) is so impor- tant. Through HCA young people in Catholic schools and re- ligious education pro- grams grow in their faith as they share it with children-in devel- oping countries, HCA's Appeal programs enable U.S. childrento reach out in Brazil,"where the need for food clothing, medicine, on,basic educaiton is 6pnstant. HCA members really re- ceive much more than they give, deepening their faith in Our univer- sal Church and our lov- ing Father, as they share their own resources with less fortunate sis- ters and brothers. To find out more about what HCA mem- bers in your diocese are doing and how you can support their efforts, contact the HCA Na- tional Office or your HCA diocesan director. PO Box 4169 Evansville, IN 47724-0169 Some exceptional people ...... live In Diocese Evansville I II I I I III I I I . II] L L II I . i ii ii !:i?21100!iiii,iiii!i00 ii!