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Evansville, Indiana
July 31, 1998     The Message
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July 31, 1998

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1998 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana O @ WASHINGTON (CNS) -- POpe John Paul II issued new legislation June 30 on the neces- sity of firmly holding and infallible, definitive teaching which is inti- tely connected with divine revelation even if not formally a part of revealed faith. Background Report By CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE in the form to the canon law of the Latin and Eastern fills a gap in the the pope said. an overview of some in the evolution of definitive from the Second Vatican the new legislation. 1964, in No. 25 of "Lumen " the Dogmatic Con- . Church, Vatican that: "" Catholics must "submit to decision, made in name of Christ, in matters of morals .... This loyal of the will and intel- be given, in a special to the authentic teaching of the Roman Pontiff, When he does not speak highlights behind papal legislation The world's bishops, in communion with the pope, "proclaim infallibly the doctrine of ChriSt" when "in their authoritative teaching concern- ing matters of faith and morals, they are in agreement that a par- ticular teaching is to be held definitively and absolutely." When the world's bishops in an ecumenical council -- or the pope acting "as supreme pastor and teacher of all the faithful," or the bishops acting with the pope in exercising the supreme teaching office -- define a doctrine of faith or morals as part of the deposit of faith, their decisions "must be adhered to with the loyal and obedient assent of faith." When the new Code of Canon Law, governing all Western or Latin-rite Catholics, was issued in 1983, it included legislation declaring that: -- The whole word of God, written or handed down to the church and taught by it as divinely revealed truth, is "to be believed by divine and Catholic faith." Any doctrine concerning faith or morals set forth by the pope or the world's bishops in the exercise of their teaching authority, "even though they do not intend to proclaim that dec- trine by definitive act," calls for "a religious submission of intel- lect and will." When the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, govern- ing all Eastern-rite Catholics, was issued in 1990, it contained parallel clauses about belief by an act of faith in what is divine- ly revealed and religious sub- mission of intellect and will to what is authoritatively taught, even if not set forth as definitive teaching. But neither code addressed Vatican II's reference to author- itative, definitive, infallible teaching concerning faith or morals by the pope or the world's bishops which is not set out as an article of faith but which, in the council's words, "is to be held definitively and absolutely." In 1989 the Vatican Congrega- tion for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a new Profession of Faith for those approaching ordina- tion or taking up certain eccle- siastical offices in the Latin church, as spelled out in the Code of Canon Law. The profession begins with the Nicene Creed and then adds three clauses. The first clause declares that "with firm faith I believe" all that is taught as divinely revealed. The second says "I also firmly accept and hold" all that is taught "definitively" on faith or morals. The third says "I adhere with religious sub- mission of will and intellect" to nondefinitive teachings set forth by the pope or the world's bish- ops in the exercise of their teach- ing authority. In 1990, the International The- ological Commission published a paper, "On the Interpretation of Dogmas," in which it urged more attention to the levels of church authority and suggested that popes and bishops state more clearly what level of authority is invoked "and degrees of binding force" for various teachings. Later that year, in its "Instruc- tion on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian," the doctrinal congregation used the three- level description of teaching and its binding power which it had set out in the Profession of Faith. When Pope John Paul issued the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" in 1992, the original and then-normative French edi- lion said Catholics are obliged "to an irrevocable adherence of faith" when the church author- itatively "proposes truths con- tained in divine revelation or having a necessary connection with them." The catechism's statement that truths necessarily connect- ed to revelation but not divine- ly revealed require an adher- ence of faith was a first for an official church document and drew objections from church officials and theologians. When the definitive Latin edition of the catechism was issued in 1997, the French and all transla- tions done from the French were corrected to apply adherence by an act of faith only to truths divinely revealed. The correction helped clarify the difference between embrac- ing truth by faith, on the author- ity of God's own self-revelation, and embracing truth by firm acceptance, on the authority of the church which also must teach those things intimately and necessarily related to what is divinely revealed. The Bishop's Forum will return Sept. 4 Bishop Gettelfinger is on vacation, and has additional travel commitments as the U.S. bishops' national liason with Catholic scouting. America continues to export eugenic programs continues to export tion, abortion and Sterilization to poorer : May during an address Nations over 30 pro- control in the received a public excori- from the Ambassador of .. Republic, Julia The groups were for the 1998 Popula- COnsultation of the U.N. organization on population and B Commentary Y JOHN MCMULLEN makes Ambassador warning more credi- that she is a well respected of the U.N. Alvarez criticized the efforts of and popu- their suppres- certain populations. The downsizers such and Planned Parent- were notably because they were to receive praise for idicated that cutting SO-called excess popula- ted eliminating poverty the poor was in earlier part of page in history most civilized lted to revisit! she maintained Fertility Reduc- may be racially motivated and are ruining the family structure in the develop- ing world. Anyone familiar with the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, knows that PP was originally called The Amer- ican Birth Control League. It endorsed a eugenic philosophy. (Eugenics was the movement devoted to improving the human species through the control of hereditary factors in mating. This was to be accomplished by ster- ilizing the "inferior" races and breeding only the genetically superior.) Margaret Sanger and her group admired the birth-con- trol propaganda of Adolph Hitler. Two of her most repeated quotes were, "More chil- dren from the fit, less from the unfit  that is the chief aim of birth-control," and "Birth-control: To create a race of thoroughbreds." Sanger was one of the many social elitists who wanted to keep down the numbers of the so-called inferiors. The Eugenics movement was most pop- ular in England, America, and Germany in 1920's and 30's. When Adolph Hitler came to power he pushed birth- control and abortion in the ter- ritories outside of Germany because he didn't want the non- German populations to grow. Abortion was regarded as safe, while childbirth was labeled a "health hazard. In Hitler's own words, "In view of the large families of the native popula- tions it would only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. Active trade in contraceptives ought to be actually encouraged.., as we could not possibly have the slightest interest in increasing the non-German population." Eventually the eugenics move- ment under the Nazis imple- mented wholesale sterilization, euthanasia for the eugenically unfit and hereditarily inferior, and slaughter for entire popula- tions of so-called useless eaters and non-persons. Hence, Ambassador Alvarez traced the population control programs to the Eugenics movement which began in the 1920s. There are still those who are interested in weeding out M I react were China or Pakistan to spend millions in our country to downsize the American population? defective peoples and improv- ing the superior stock of humanity. Alvarez went further and reminded the audience that when the U.N. first got involved in population control in 1974 that two "illustrious leaders" who advocated it were Nicolae Ceausescu, the former president of Rumania who was publicly hanged for his mass murders and crimes against humanity; and the former Nazi and dis- graced former Secretary Gener- al of the U.N. Kurt Waldheim. She pointed out that these pop- ulation programs from the beginning have been aimed at poor, brown-skinned nations, such as her own Dominican Republic. I ask that when our elected officials in Washington vote to export this type of control and allocate millions of dollars for "development" of nations we ought to ask, "what about the development of the people?" and we ought to question what is motivating us to "downsize" other populations. Is it race- based eugenies? How would we react were China or Pakistan to spend mil- lions in our country to downsize the American population? It is terribly upsetting for me to know that America places conditions on those who are to receive food and health care. In several instances the women must exchange their fertility or even their unborn child in order to be eligible to receive food and health care. How can we honestly say that we are developing peoples if we are downsizing their population, eliminating their people?! An interesting note related to all of this is the fact that America owes past UN dues. Why is Anerica still delinquent in its payment of UN dues? Because Pident Clinton ratly vetoed the letsfislation which authorized the payment because the plan did not support abortion based population-control policies in third world countries. Now the UN is threatening to suspend Security Council privileges of the United States. Clinton is willing to risk our Security Council priv- ileges in order to maintain neo- eugenies. Why? What is so sacd about these programs? Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon may have the answer. Writing this June in the Wall Street Journal she notes that one of the reasons Clinton refuses to pay US dues is the huge financial support that he received from the International Planned Parenthood Founda- tion in his election campaigns. She notes that the population control groups have tremen- dous influence over the UN as well as President Clinton. CNN media mogul Ted Turner recenb ly offered to give one billion dollars of his own money to help pay America's dues pro.. vided that the funds specifically go to support population con- trol programs and other projects that he believes in. Even Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft has indicated his support of the population programs and appears willing to assist finan- cially in their implementation. In the words of Glendon, such "Demographic Imperialism" must be stopped. John W. McMullen is Rdigious Studies Instructor at Mater Dei High School in Evansville. He has a nmster's degree in TheohN,vfrora St, ?-teinrad School of Theology.