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Evansville, Indiana
May 17, 1996     The Message
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May 17, 1996

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The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana --- Taking the time to make a difference-- ih Observations on a weekday morn g The comedian asked a series of questions, but the only one I re- member is the one that reminded me of me. "Why is it," he said, "when you&apos;re driving around look- ing for an address, you turn the radio down?" When I am in my car, looking for a highway marker, street sign or a house number, I usually turn the radio down. But I really was not aware of my habit, until I heard the comic's question. Good humor and an accurate observation often help you see yourself more clearly, I thought. One recent morning, on my way to work, I turned the radio off. I wanted to see more of what there was to see along the way. It's a 15-minute trip, and what I saw is probably typical for a city of this size in the midwest at this time of the year. I saw some boxes and trash-containers lining the street near a college. Small rolls of carpeting rise up from the trash containers. Clothes hangers, cardboard boxes, magazines and lumpy trash bags overflow the trash cans. It is easy to figure out what is happening here. The semester is coming to an end, and students are moving back home or off to other schools or jobs. Several blocks later, I saw three cars stopped along the side of the roadway. One was a police car. By PAUL R. LEINGANG EDITOR Washington Letter Two women were standing at the curbside, talking to each other. I have no idea what has happened here. No one appeared to be dis- tressed. A political campaign sign leans over near a grassy curve in the roadway. The position of the sign indicates the voting result: the sign proclaims the name of a candidate who lost in the recent primary elec- tion. I passed some fast food estab- lishments, with cars lined up at the drive-up window. Breakfast sand- wiches were on sale, according to a sign. I saw a truck at an intersection The truck was decorated with the brand name of bottled drinking water. Seeing the truck reminded me of the newspa- per headline I had seen earlier in the morning, that one of every 13 people in this state have drinking water which does not meet health standards. A glance in the rear-view mirror as I signaled and slowed for a left turn showed me the face of a hurried, harried driver hoping I would get out of the way soon. The look on her face was enough to make me want to turn the radio on again. The Christian Family Movement asks its mem- bers to observe, judge and act. Observe the world Christ's teaching. Do something about see, act on your convictions. What I saw on my way to work wasverY nary. What surprises me as I think is how much of what I saw was related to human needs for food, water and shelter, - I observed abundance -- discarded expensive drinking water, easily fast sandwiches. Had I chosen a different route work, I would have observed scarcity. Jesus called us all to feed the drink to the thirsty and shelter the turn the radio down and pay attention bors in the ordinary world around us. : * * Take a different route to work or school Observe the needs of your neighbors. you see will prompt you to take action donation to the food pantry, to see what to make nextsemester's college home, or to work with your neighbors waterway. Do sometbing to improve observe. The Gospel call is to be part c just an observer driving through it. : Take the time to make a d Comments about this column are mail to prleing@cfm.or or mail to the , Family Movement, P.O. Box 272, AmeS, Iowa: Finding the votes to Override the partial birth abortion By NANCY FRAZIER O'BRIEN Cathohc News Service ,;, ,VAStHN(IT()N 'CNS i--'l'}m -.;,i'.,I/tqlr})er> _tl"i  2D(.} il) t.l(' Jiouu :/Jilt (i7 in tim ?4,!l,:tl(, i! m cr'.one is pr(.(,llt :J.,t ;)t- ing, that's the IiUH]})('I' ()t" vl)l_es needed in Congress to override President Clinton's vet() of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. But,what remains unclear is rwhebher:enough votes can be mustered in the Senate to achieve an override and when either chamber will bring the matter to a vote. - he'legislation vetoed by Clinton-iz: early April would ban :a,tate-term abortion procedure in which .the unborn child is par- tially.delivered before surgical scissors are stabbed into the base of his or her skull. The child's brain is then removed by suctibn#allowing for easier de- livery.of the rest of the body. ,The House of Representa- tives, which approved the legis- lation twice, by margins of 286- ,1.29 tand'288'139,, was expected ' The MESSAGE 4200 N. Kentucky Ave. Evansville, IN 47711 Weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Evansville PuNished weekly except last week in .Dee, m by the C,lic Press of Evahsville" .... P6bt sher ............. BiShOp Gerald A. Gettelfinger Editor ............... :..2 ................... Paul R. Lejang Production Technician ................ Joseph Dietrich Advertising ................................. Paul Newland Staff Writer ....................... Mary Ann Hughes !, A(jd,''s:all communications to P.O. Bo 4169, Evansville, IN 47724-0169 ,, , ,Subscription rate: , .... "$17.50 per year ' Single Copy Price: $.50 Entered as 2nd class matter at the post office in Evansville, IN 47701. Pubhca, t0q ngpt;r 843800. Pomaster; Return POD forms 3579 to (ffice of Publication i i i. to overri(t( tt(' \\;.lo. But . m()r'. (titf]clllt batch, v,,ts lik(,ly i; tic d i. }{:caus(, thu [,uto ult:.-t })' (;\\;':rri(](h,ll 'l,y t'ar.third- ,)f Dl!'II:})Ct'.- })F.'>t'al[ tl/(i ', [,It Ji.--r,. [i'l(' VIt[[Itl li.lli}!)t']' ()' \\;")',('e meded to (,vt:rride might he ltss than 290 and 67. For example, it the ltouse votes of 286-129 and 288-139 had t)ee on an over- ride, each would have exceeded a two-thirds majority. Congressional rules require that the first vote on the veto override take place in the cham- ber where the legislation origi- nated -- in this case, the House of Representatives. Insiders don't expect a House vote until after the Memorial Day recess, scheduled for May 27--lure'-t. th',,,-life l(,bbvists lit.'}){' ',][)OIIL'III> Ot' Ill(' h,,,.fi.l,- l;,i, , pill,' i}le,>(, I:tcitu: r,,-, [,c!,I - v:ill z't :i; 'ariul !'l'{il {}t'iF CiHiSlitll(qlL5 ,X }l(, >tlp- }l;.* ilti!'lli2 [}t<' !,.(i,.,,4. (),..t,tegy i> I<, >tr,..s: thv mcdicat [itcls a}out partiai-l)irth ahm'tions and to dispute what Douglas Johnson. tbderal leg- islative director of the National Right to Life Committee, calls "the extraordinary amount of misinformation" disseminated by opponents of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. "There's no need to be in a hurry" for the override vote, said Johnson. "The more the public is allowed to debate about par- tial-birth abortions, and how they are performed and why... Reader questions standing, .kneeling_ directions at Mass To the editor: sent, shouldn't "every knee What is it about weddings, funerals and other special Masses that Catholics seem to forget when to sit, stand and, especially, kneel? I attended the Chrism Mass (on Tuesday evening of Holy Week). It was a beauti- ful liturgy, but I was dis- heartened that reverence for our Lord in the Eucharist seemed to be forgotten.' Do we no longer humble our- , selves before him? The ma- jority: o the congregation ; stood'during the consecration and sat after receiving our Lord in the Eucharist. I felt like I,was in a Protestant Church: where communion is a "remembrance." I thought we Catholics believed in the .True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. If he is truly pre- bend" in his presence? The bishop's homily was about "Church   that we are united in our faith. Are we? The Jesus I believe in de- serves reverence and respect in his home, in his presence. We've become so lax before and after liturgy -- talking, laughing, letting children run around- that it is carrying over into the actualJiturgy. I wonder if Jesus, our God who loves us so much that He suffered and died in order that we might live with Him in eternal life, walked up to us in his human form; would we stay seated as if he were a mere acquaintance? I cer- taioly hope not JoAnn Sehlaehter , Holy Rosary, Evansville , See LETTER page 5 that will ;work to our advantage. "'Tim truah is )n {)tll" si(h,.'" he ztl(t(-i 'tut ti;q'(.'s t)v(,l', : 1.I o1' :-ll(' tillt' i, di>p,'l that." T}I!.' I'.S. ( !nlh,dic iris}raps nlso v,;;', t', kt,.i)i,;_', ". m:Ljor '4}'z:<--]'(lt,-; (';lll]):li'll" tll'gill:_', l ( " " o \\;'eto (\\;'(wri([(,, ac(')(hng to th'len Alvare, director of l)lan- ning and infbrnmtion tbr the bishops' Secretariat for Pi'o-Litb Activities. But contrary to a report in the May 9 Wall Stre will not nc w,'iti ('ItlIIpali lik( t\\; to begin "'WNre not $ will t,! pimne calls," But in[brmational be sent to every  them to mobilize respond in re[. See Bishop's sch The following activities and events schedule of Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger: : (: ,Washington t00tion, Friday, Vocation Di , Memoal Hi burgh Washington Catholic Higl 7:30 p.m. :: 71 7: around you. Judge what you see in the light o(