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May 15, 1998     The Message
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May 15, 1998

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4 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana A temptation of age, and related By PAUL R. LEINGANG Editor It was a common temptation, one I'd forgotten since my children had grown. I saw it happen, though, as my wife and I waited in line at the multi-screen movie theater. In front of us, waiting to buy their tickets too, were a woman and a young girl,, mother and daughter no doubt. They were trying to decide if the girl looked her age, 12 years old. If she looked younger, she would be able to get into the movies with a cheaper ticket. Movie prices are too high, some might say, and a family ought to get way with paying for a child instead of an adult for as long as possible. Others would dis- agree with that conclusion, saying that lying about age to get a lower price is morally wrong. For some reason, it seems, people seem more will- ing to see what they can get away with when they are dealing with a large business. At least that's what I have observed. A woman would be less likely to lie about the age of her daughter if they knew the owners of the business. But large or small, it seems, that a lesson was being taught to the young girl. And that lesson was that Morn believes it is o.k. for you to fudge a little on the truth. Morn approves of a little creative fraud, as long as no harm is done. Or is there? Some would say that the multi-screen movie com- pany does not deserve any more money from the girl, just because she is a day older than 12, or whatever the arbitrary age may be in some particular case. She still only takes one seat, she uses no more space than any one else, and she may even be smaller than someone younger than she. Others would say that a theater has, the right to set some limits, to offer lower prices to some and not to oth- ers, in order to encourage more people to buy tickets. And maybe some others would wonder if Morn might not be setting an example the girl would follow when she "looked old enough" to buy cigarettes or alcohol. And would it be o.k. to take something from a store  especially a large chain store -- if the Cashier made a mistake and rang up a lower price? And would it be o.k. to switch a price tag, as long as nobody noticed it, and "nobody was really hurt, anyway" by the switch? Or are such questions going too far? Take the time today to reflect on the questions raised by the story about the woman and her daughter. If there are children in your home, ask them to talk about situations where their age makes a difference. Is there any difference between stretching to be tall enough to get on a roller coaster and t younger to save a little money? Is between acting younger ing older to get a prohibited purchase? What would Jesus say? render to the cinema what belongs in the case of the steward who re-wrote bills in order to gain favor with them, the shrewdness of mother and Violence visits the Vatican: Residents, employees s By JOHN THAVIS Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Violence visited the Vatican in May, a rare reminder that even the headquarters of the univer- sal church is not immune to out- bursts of tragedy and evil. After a young Swiss Guard shot and killed his commander, the commander's wife and then himself in a Vatican apartment house, many Vatican City resi- dents and employees were left emotionally numb, shocked that the seemingly senseless vio- lence of the modern world could so easily cross the border into their 108-acre enclave of rel- ative tranquillity. "This could have happened anywhere. The fact that it hap- pened here Shows there is no absolute guarantee against an act of madness  the human mind is always unpredictable," said one Vatican official. Letter tothe edRor Cardinal Carlo Furno, who lives in the Vatican, said the episode was a tangible "sign of evil in the world," against which the Vatican walls offered no protection. By historical standards in the Vatican, the recent killings were exceptional. No one, in fact, could remember a single case of murder inside the Vatican's Leo- nine Walls, at least since the popes made it their residence in the 14th century. But veteran Vatican observers pointed to a chilling near-prece- dent 39 years ago, an episode that had a more fortunate out- come. In 1959, a mentally unbal- anced Swiss Guard, Adolf Rucker, went to the residence of his commanding officer, Robert Take the time to examine your ketplace, and compare them to the as a Christian. If there is conflict between what what you do, take the time to justice. Examine the story lines of message s in advertising. Do ble consumption? If so, ex pies to others in your home, and to you in their audience. Give the price of a movie to tion serving families who ment. Take the time to make a difference, i ' Comments about this column are or the Christian .... Box 272, Ames, Iowa 50010. a his throat on Apostolic piece about Before then, to VI I given high ican at tury. son. of Pope i thought to Nunlist, and shot him. Nunlist escaped with a slight injury -- a bullet in the hip. Two days later, Rucker tried to shoot him- self, but suffered only facial wounds. In 1848, at a time of political tension over the church role in Italy, Count Pellegrino Rossi, Pope Pius IX's prime minister, was assassinated by members of brc Proud to have been a student of Mr. Hupfer In good-natured, and always will- ing to provide advice: For these reasons, he served also as a role model to me. Through no conscious effort of his own, Mr. Hupfer con- vinced me to study mathemat- ics in college. I haven't quit yet. This year I'll receive my Mas- ter's degree in math, and I plan to earn a Ph.D. in two more years. Ultimately,. I hope to become a college math teacher, and this goal is something I no doubt owe to Mr. Hupfer. Though my high school years" recede into the past, the things I learned from Mr. Hupfer remain. Some of these things are mathematical. But the most To the Editor:. I was very happy to hear that Mr. Randy Hupfer was chosen as the 1998 diocesan Teacher of the Year. I whole- heartedly agree with the Dio- cese in their choice. The classes I had with Mr. Hupfer were the most enjoyable hours I spent in my four years at Memorial High School. It was clear to me that he really liked mathematics, so much that he wanted everyone else to like mathematics too. That ability to transfer the love of learning to his students is what makes Mr. Hupfer an excellent teac.he But even beyond that, I found him fair and honest, extremely In praise of the NFP series More people need to know of the valuable service NFP renders to healthier family life. The reasoned promise of the NFP attitude would do ,much to remedy the disorders in many families. NFP offers a clear-headed approach, and a better way of looking at things. Edward Becker Evansville valuable lessons he taught me are the ones that have inspired me to be a teacher, too, and for these I cannot thank him enough. I am proud, to have been his student. Matthew Leingang Harvard University ican W ere assassination 4200 N. Kentucky Ave. Evansville, IN 47711 .jja_ Weekly newspaper _-, of the Diocese of,,e  tt caaoac Pre o Pr0Oucl Tectici ..............  [, sw ............................ Umn Address att communications to P.O. Box 4169, Evansville. IN 47724-0160 Subscription rate: $18.50 per year Single Copy Price: $.50 Erer as  matter at e post ot in Eara , IN 4 ,"70 I.  rua'er 8,',',',',',',','. To the editor:. Glad you've run the series of artides on Natural Family Plan- ning. It's heartening to see ben- eficial actions taken in support of sound families and a sensible morality. The wholesome approach of NFP to procreation does much to counter the horrors of the abortuaries and the injurious effects of "the Pill." survived captured. In 1986, art robbery Scout Family Jamboree, Holiday , at 5 p.m., Saturday, May 16. Confirmation at St. Bernard, 9:30 a.m. Girl Scout Mass, St. Catholic Charities Annual Dinner, May 18, 6 p.m. Finance Council Meeting 19, 4 p.m. Confirmation at SL Agnes, p.m. Deans' Meeting, bishop's house, p.m. Confirmation at Mary, Help of Wednesday, May 20, 7 p.m. Ascension Thursday, Mass with High School, Evansville Ascension Thursday, Mass at Nativ Thursday, May 21, 6:30 p.m. Depart for Rome, Region VII Pope John Paul II, Friday, May 22.