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Evansville, Indiana
May 13, 1994     The Message
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May 13, 1994

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5 994 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana 00p's Forum Committed obedience are filled with rJesus the High Priest. the faith ex- baptismal commit- strengthened by the priests have gener- resPonded to the call of Jesus "ng personal am- priests are called to serve. of that faithful Le hallmark of our are an inspiration. has made a com- te serve the Lord in the defined bound- expressed a willingness to em- :who live within those boundaries and to Although it does not exclude oth- boundaries of our diocese, it does Those boundaries are the 12 that form our diocese; they encompass the within. Its name is the Catholic Die- Priests are exemplary. has stepped before the ordain- and, with his hands in those of the ed obedience to the person of of his diocese and to all of his succes- that entails! What an example it is the same leap into the unknown as they enter the other sacra- COmmunity, that of marriage! priests are generous. ever shrinking numbers and greater de- upon the time and energy of our in awe of their spirit of generosity. ByBISHOP GERALD A. GETTELFINGER They have literally given their lives in service to you, the faithful.- No other members of our Church makes such a commitment of life to the people of our diocese. Our priests are humble human beings. When called to serve the dio- cese, the Church, through the bishop of the time, did not look at - the limitations of the man stand- ing before it, but rather the gifts of self he has to share. Uppermost was his human gift of the ability to say "yes" or "no" to the call. With such a will, our priests, each of them, have submitted all of their human gifts -- and human limitations -- to the scrutiny of the world. The humble submission of a priest to the call of Jesus to perfection is sometimes forgotten by overly zealous faithful who expect a god, not a human being for their priest. Jesus called broken men to the challenge of perfection. He did not call perfect men to serve. The priest is called to serve, not to be a medicine man to solve all parish problems; he who knows his own suffering is to be a man of compas- sion; he is commissioned to celebrate the joy of the community and his own! As our priests give themselves in service, so we must graciously accept each of them with his strengths and his weaknesses. Their submission to Jesus is a public statement of their honesty. Their poverty is that of Jesus being stripped of the garments of self-respect. We must affirm the strengths of our priests. We must supplement them in their weaknesses. Our priests are poor in spirit. Last Sunday, many of our parishes heard of changes affecting priests and parishes in our dio- cese. As I approached the individual priest either personally or through a member of the Clergy Per- sonnel Board, the spirit of poverty in each one's response was no less than inspirational. The committed obedience a priest gives at or- dination demands a spirit of poverty that no other member of the faithful is asked to give. It is true, diocesan priests do not give up the right of owner- ship as do members of religious communities. The poverty that a diocesan priest is called to is that of a spirit of detachment, a spirit of generosity. The motivation for a priest to give up the at- tachment to persons or place in a given parish in our diocese is, in most cases, driven by faith and obedience. There is no other motive offered. The new position calls for work which is, for the most part, more demanding than that of the previous assignment with no increase in benefits. There is no decrease in the work load, that of the new place is typically greater for one reason or an- other. In most cases it would be easier, more com- fortable for a priest to stay where he is than to make a move with all its pain of separation and distress of being in a "foreign land," and, harder yet as one gets older of "starting over." I am most proud of our priests and grateful to each of them. Those who have gone before. Those who are retired. Those who still sweat in the heat of the day. I ask you to affirm and support our priests. Be grateful to God for them. Pray with me for them! Appreciate them, not only for what they do, but especially for the persons they are! Communications day promoted People magazine ad ISON Service )N (CNS) -- read People 9 Issue, t peo- of the classic .name, Ramon Ro- of the Cam- readers of feel lucky to in a CCC $30,000 to place an ad touting World Communications Day, May 15, in half of the issues of the May 9 People rolling off the presses. The CCC also placed the ad in the May 15 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, a national Catholic weekly newspaper. Titled "What Goes In Must Come Out," the ad takes Pope John Paul Irs World Commu- nications Day message and "capsulizes it in such a way that families would have an easy time remembering what he said," according to Ro- driguez. AUTO TOPS, SEAT COVERS, BOAT COVERS STEREO SALES & INSTALLATIONS 254-3943 HWY 50 EAST, BEHIND UPS CENTER EUGENE WELP, OWNER Rodriguez said the ad for People was placed in only half of the issues to save money. He added that the magazines fea- turing the ad will appear throughout the country. "You could pick up a copy at the checkout and get it, and I could pick up a copy at the checkout and not get it," Ro- driguez said. The advertising push came in part because both World Communications Day and the CCC collection will happen the same day -- May 15. While the CCC collection al- ways takes place on the third Sunday in May, World Com- munications Day floats be- I V ncennes Bicknell .... Sandborn I Monroe City, Princeton Patoka I Member F.D.I.C. cause it is designated for the Sunday between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost. This year, that date is May 15. Rodriguez said that in future years, the U.S. observance of World Communications Day will be on the third Sunday in May to coincide with the collec- tion. "It's difficult to ask dioce- ses to celebrate something twice in one month," he said. With the People ad, "we want to put people in touch with the fact that the Vatican issues such things as World Communications Day" mes- sages, Rodriguez said. It offers six" guidelines for good TV viewing: "Communicate with your children about what they're watching. Use TV programs as a springboard for family dis- cussions. "Control the amount of time your children spend watching TV. Set reasonable limits without using TV as a reward or punishment. I JASPER }  "Create learning opportu- - MERCURY 482-1200 Peoples" ] I TruSt I Company COUNTY BANK ,, OLD NATIONAL BANCORP Member FDIC  LINTON. INDIANA 4744"1 FIVE Complete pre-engineered packages for STAR SERVICE BANK ,oo to build. Free instruction books and ,, backup service I TRUSS RAFTERS HIGHLAND CHAPEL 111300 FIRST AVE. Locations Excellent Prices-Any Size to 80' OVERHEAD DOORS RESTAURANT Hundreds in Stock SPEC/ALJ23NG ;N Nobody Bts Our Pric DELICIOUS GERMAN FOOD METAL ROOFING .E R Over 29.OOO Sq, In Stock CHARBROILED STEAQK Any Length Cut To Inch COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN SEAFOODS SALAD BAR BEST PRICES AROUND BANQUET ROOM FOR PR/,ATE PARTS DEALERS WANTED F0R . YOUR CATJ , C DAVIESS CO. METAL [ 482-2640 t Hyw. 50 E, Cannelbu, 4 mi. E, Montgomery 812-295-4299  ,. ,,.s. 393 d. JWt,, , JN ii =- -- 1 .Jl L II | nities to complement the TV programs your family watches," by, for example, helping children find a locale mentioned on TV with the aid of a nearby globe or atlas. "Critique what you see on TV. Teach your children to an- alyze the messages they re- ceive from commercials, news and entertainment program- ming. "Choose the programs your family will watch in ad- vance. 'Channel surfing' is no way to find good family enter- tainment. -- "Call or write television stations and networks to tell them what you like or dislike. Becoming an active consumer is a good way to influence pro- gramming." The ad marks the first time in Rodriguez's five years at the CCC that the campaign has ventured into secular waters to promote World Communica- tions Day. But the ads are not the only route the CCC is tak- ing to increase awareness. A kit for diocesan communi. cations directors includes the pope's World Communications Day message, educational and theological perspectives on mass communication, media tips including I0 tips for TV viewing in the home, and a let- ter from Bishop Raymond J. Boland of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Me., chairman of the U.S. Catholic Conference Com- munications Committee. Rodriguez said the CCC col- lection has registered the largest increase of any na- tional collection over the past two years. Last year's collec- tion, split roughly evenly be- tween the CCC and dioceses, hrought in $3,048,806 to the CCC.