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Evansville, Indiana
April 19, 1996     The Message
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April 19, 1996

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4' - The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indians t "00i'M00i'ng the timeto- make a difference " Celebrating:00new family rituals It was an important day for me, but it Was in the middle of the ' ' week and not a Saturday. ' ' The important day for me was the day I turned 16, and was legally able to get my driver's li- cense in Illinois. The complication came as a result of the schedule of the examining office in my home county. It was open only on Satur- day. My birthday was in the middle of the week, andI did not want to wait any extra days before applying for my license. " Mj parentswere accommodat- ing, and ! was grateful. They found out that in the county next't0 our home county, an examining sta- tion was open throughout the week. The location, in another city, was only 15 miles away. It was a gift, a wonderful birthday present. We went to the nearby city, I passed the written test, the vision test and the road test, and drove home as a legally licensed driver. * * * My son Ben received a similar gift from us, his parents. We were traveling, when the day arrived for him, the first legal day in our new home state of Indiana, when he could apply for his license. We managed to work it out. We found the loca- tion of an examining station in a city along the route By PAUL R. LEINGANG EDITOR of our travels. Ben anxiously stood in line with others who came in that day for various licensing purposes. Ben passed all of the tests and we celebrated the success of the day, then continued on our trip to a Christian Family Movement Confer- ence. * * * The memories of these events in our family life came back recently when I read through a book written by Kathleen O'Connell Chesto. The book, from Twenty-Third Publica- tions, is entitled Family Prayer for Family Times: Traditions, Celebra- tions, and Rituals. "Getting a driver's license is a giant step toward the adult world in the eyes of most children," Chesto writes. "This new freedom brings new responsibili- ties for the child, along with a new set of worries for parents." She suggests that it will be helpful to parent and child to include these responsibilities and wor- ries in a ritual, and voice them in a prayerful situa- tion. Chesto encourages parents to work with their teen and create a creed which the teen can profess and adhere to. The creed might include a statement such as, "I believe that driving a car is a serious re- sponsibility, to myself, to passengers in the car, to @. :" those in other vehicles, to pedestrians, and t vironment." Included in the creed cotfld be traffic laws, courtesy, the shared expense potential for worry -- such as, "I believe less parents know, the more they worry, and try my best to call when I am late and to informed." : ' The ritual described by prayer by the parent, asking acknowledging the worries that knowledge that the teen will be facing ties "when I am not there to help." , * * url What rituals have you celebrated in yo Ask your family or friends to recall memories nificant events in their lives. Plan, as a family, to look ahead portunity for celebration -- a new baby, a school, learning to ride a bike, a visit from town relatives, a new home, a grad ......... home, to name a few possibilities. Take the time to celebrate the of everyday events. :. : "Family Prayer for Family by Twenty-Third Publication, P.O Box 180, CT 06355. Telephone (800) 321-0411. Comments about this column Christian Family Movement, P.O. Iowa 50010. Vatican Letter Worldwide gambling boom: High stakes moral By JOHN THAVIS Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A worldwide boom in gambling w increasingly sponsored by the state -- is raising moral concerns among Vatican offi- cials, theologians and Catholic social scientists. In one sense, gambling is not a new issue for the church. Bingo nights have been a parish mainstay for decades, and local churches, like many other organizations, have raised charity money through raffles or other take-a-chance offerings. But this small-scale "social" gambling has given way to a more aggressive form that, ac- cording to church experts, has a corrosive effect on individu- als, families and the entire so- ci'al fabric. In the United States alone, nearly $500 bil- lion is wagered legally every year. "Gambling is obviously reaching alarming proportions. As a social scientist, I think it ii ,111 The MESSAGE 4200 N. Kentucky Ave, Evansville, IN 47711 Weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Evansville Publislmd weekly except last week in Decander by the Catholic Press of Eva$ville Editor ....................... :. .......... Paul R. Lngang P roducn T edan ........... L. .Joseph etr .................................... Paul Iand sw ............................. MHu Address all communications toP.O. Box 4169, Evansville, IN 47724-0169 Subscription rate: '$17.50 per year Single Cof Price: $.50 Entered'as 2rid Class matter at the post office )n Evensville, IN 47701. Publics-. tion number 843800. Postmaster: Return POD forms 3579 to Off of Piication fl represents a menace to the basic institution of the family and to the community at large," said Jerzy Zubrzycki, a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, who has spent years research- ing the effects of gambling. Modern gambling "is a search for a quick fix, like the drug culture. It's escapism in- stead of facing one's problems and trying to grow," said U:S. Jesuit Father John Navone, a theologian at Rome's Grego- rian University. For Swiss Dominican Father Georges Cottier, Pope John Paul II's in-house theologian, the spread of gambling is no less than a sign of a "social dis- ease:" The house never loses, but the weak and their fami- lies often do, he said. "I ask whether the morality of the casinos can be defended. I don't think it can," he said. Yet surprisingly to many, the church's official teaching on gambling is quite tolerant. According to the "Catechism of the Catholic Church," games of chance and betting are not in themselves evil or unjust. They become morally unac- ceptable when they "deprive someone of what is necessary to provide for his needs and those of others." The catechism also rejects unfair wagers or On forgiveness To the editor: refuge for sinners? I heard that Father Jean Vogler would no longer be al- lowed to be a pastor. When told of God's forgive- ness as a Catechumen, I was taught that true forgiveness was the forgetting of a sin so completely as if it never hap- pened. In order to be Godlike, we Catholics must forgive in this way. We must desire to let Fa- therJean be a prmst. Once a priest always a priest' is one of our favorite sayings, i To deny this saying in relating to Father Jean is hypocrisy. To deny Father Jean the chance to prov e God's infinite healing powers over his sins is to deny God's power to heal and forgive sinsL, . l ,  Priests  are not saints, b.ut sinners, fqrve n daily just like eyqeryone.else  . , . IS our zhurch a "holier' than thou" social :club or!is it a; It is time to love and forgive sinners. Deborah Page Holy Rosary Parish Evansville Thank you! To the editor:. I would like to thank the deacons of our diocese for the wonderful prayer breakfast they hosted last month at Good Shepherd. The prayer, singing and fellowship was a wonder- ful, spiritual experience. Also, a thank you to Ziba Graham for the inspirational message he gave, and to the ladies of the parish for the deli- ci0us food. : Whata great way to begin a day! I hope the deacons will consider offering this several times'a year. Joseph Stofleth  Evansville cheating; but there's no explicit mention of the state's role in promoting lotteries, casinos or "scratch-and-win" tickets. Tourists sometimes notice that Italian lottery tickets are routinely sold at the news- stand right below the papal apartment. According to the proprietor, many go to Vatican monsignors. The Vatican has not exam- ined the finer moral points of state-sponsored gambling in any comprehensive way, and the Congregation for the Doc- trine of the Faith declined to answer questions about the issue. Church officials are, however, tracking recent state- ments against gambling by bishops in the United States, Canada and Australia. In interviews, theologians and others insid0. expressed a groW] uneasiness gambling, as a substitute tion. "The brake or a is playing fortunately, crisis of values Franciscan Giuseppe pea, ologian w] can. Mary Ann lawyer and a Pontifical A Sciences, gambling painless needed revenue it's a -regressive Bishop's sch The following activities and events are schedule of Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger: ? ,, : !)i ,, :) ::.!