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The Message
Evansville, Indiana
March 13, 1992     The Message
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March 13, 1992

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:!!:ill ..... &apos; ..................................................................... 13, 1992 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana 3 Grace A,00in :,:he /ollowin .s'l<.y o'd ,vrillen hi, Phili/ C. Oh a, DRI:' <11 51. M<trtin "urch Wbitfic, l<l. u o Pr(xitte a (;hrilian :i(l  "ul <i.ii, ,,:" il,i,; Ji! lu,j , , ,. , ', St. Martin catechist felt call to teach after her baptism Whitfield. The catechist has taught the First (:ommunion class for the past seveo years, in- strucling tim young inembers of the parish in the mystery of the Eucharist and the tfl;ssint4s of lit; Sa:ranients. This year. slle is inslru:tillg Ihi; fiurlh grade class, hell> ing Iht;in Io tinderstand their i'dc in the (',alholic rdigion. 'l'li (:lnilililiiieill I(I Ih: ttlllll , i..l,l ll .4i, 'lill'lill'S i. ;i f,illiilV HtTilir m-; iltl<;lllillli t':, x: i'- ;il:li ;I  i,tt'l'llit, ! :i!!l 177, : Illl' {'<,',llTFili,ililil t:irl', < .... { l i'' {ii4' li(i)\\; ["[Jliil ,ts,<i :', :" !,:.!',Tl:i!ili<' /! ,<: if:{ 7t ',r!;:411i I daughter, Sarah, a candidate for Confirmation. Grace has been instructing at the parish levt;1 since joining the Catholic Church eight years ago. "What itnpressed me wlts lhat (;race felt inmietliateiv at the tilne of ht;r liaptisin ihat her nc;w fouud failh (',iillt;d her to make a wi'lhwhili; i:l)liiliiJlilli!iil Jii lJl;hlilt i)f (:hrisl; (:hllr(:h," sail Msgr. (:art ,qlielll!i'. t),lri,<ll lla.<;l(li. "(;I1(;t! it14(/ I'l',lJl'l!hl!ll{,'; 1 Iil;' ll'ii{lili;i tll',rl', .t ,",1. \\;IHlliil> t\\;{Tt't'l: f;,ili!llt; !slilli ilia., i},i]!ii ,111(I \\;* il': ',l',lti, 'llil ::;i !i:!'1,1:,'1,,,' ! li;' t:i'i.. ,I !' ,;{ lJ}li{ L i { i]',.:i()i ',lj {', {'i[ iJkt [l 'i<! t'.!. i  l,::ci:, , Presently there are five couples dedicating them- selves to the weekly responsi- bility of C.C.D. As all instructor for the younger members ot' the C.C.I). :lasses, (;race brings enthusiasm, vihility, and pa- tiet!ce to Ihe i)rogran:l. As one yotlngsl{H" slllled, "(;rilcP, lels IlS ask queslioltS, and ex- llhiins tim ailswcrs SO k4,c*, tin- (iei'slail(1 wh;il she iillt;iiliS," lhivin i'e:li\\;el! htslrli(:liol/ jusl ;i l'l!\\;v viutl'S ill4i{), (il';l(:t l)riii?,s i tl'isJi inrsln;cli\\;.! Ill Ii!a{;lliill > llle \\;1)11114 i><',11. iJljlllil !li+:ii !+';lilll ili(t tile t:Jllll'l i). !;i iil'l l'ii:i!Ttl!; r4il '-;llt'?;t ><, {i!<}! '. illit,Cl'l', i;l i,1- ii,\\; Iti/!il i> !il,' iJT':qi {le!l l,I '<;!i,t I): :It: iit11! '-tit i{ll i(l:4{i(.l! (:fgt'i i ' < ) , , : i"i ,, , f , ;.  ',' ,i <: ! ,  r " }Vtli(i'': ": '<' I i':l:i',' i! ;' :l,', ,7 :'<: t:{ll',l,:"! ..... ;' <li- {',!l ,t ,, i,i tii,!< I1 l,<i' i ,,KA :i': ,'\\; R . I:N .:I, . :I; ., " 'i,!i ! ';:. .,}; i i:,'i :'.';,: .! ;: , *;,:! :: . !' i{ : , i : i. : ,  ,!'  i,:, < , ,11 ,tll+' ii t,. ;I ,. ;,  <,!1 t,l<'t, ..... 7, :; , hi ,! ,,< , ,, !il, + ',!:r,,,,:,, t!itl'S ;; , ;! i  tt L' ; rl COUNTY COMPANY VINCENNES Jill Ann White Adr'nlrllslralor Hwy 57 So, Washington, IN 812-254-4516 Prairie Village Living Center " LINCOLN . MERCURY \\;:it,', ,; !:,i*:l V,,iI!; ::; :l,!J ,i' ,t <i i ' :' !' , :!ltlilli: ':  t'' I iiil lllll;lllt, <, i1: !H71 iilii I (]7',. triesl It;is admillml Ihal lie sex.,llv ahs.d l{IHiiiH'l). \\;viii) ii()w Iiv(;s ill K;IIISHS JASPI[ll 'i L 482-1200J i Sheet Metal Inc. al, Industrial & Comnmrcial Healing & Cooling Installation Sales & Service I 422-9242 ] Michael and Patricia Koch 1 5 S. Third Ave, ntle, gvansvilh! as';!) i;: \\;<,i: ii',, li. ! '. ..... t'  I !li!; (:<,lq ('-,!, ,; : : " i ;',;,:ll ih+;(ll,l,,,, iillti tl I'!'(, 51)iril!lal l,lililHlilJil <ll SI Meillrml Selliiliar\\; lle I'e.<:igiled tl'(ml tli! qeltli- liar\\;, Ira;lilly ili lalillHrv whHi t;e leliriie(lof llu lawsliil. It. sai/l HII\\;'()II( , in ltie i)lsiliHn )l eiut:aling tulure llriesls had ll.I i)e. ilili)\\;'e SlISl)icioII. illld, lhal the still \\;\,t)ulit Jlnl)ede his abililv lo t:onliltle his work lherii. SI. Meinrad's presidenl anti rlicll)r, Father I;: tl gl, n e tlensell, ().S.B., isstled ii slaleint,qll at lhe tiint; h;lling far, ullv and sltldents wb.v Fa- Iher Ik)htdrid was re.signing. in 1]i slaleinenl Falher \\; Wl'itt(:i] 41;lll'llll'llt iSql(!i ":l'ht alle,t;(t iii(:i(le,lls slil)- i)(se(tlv I()l)k lJla{:e lliOIIV \\;lHIrs it();tlill will h<; Ih(li:- ()11 glll .,' ill i,sllgale(I ill (:llil lief',l i)ii wilh lhl:se i)rol:imlliiigs. '' :"l'hl li(l(:(;sl, h('lim, l's lhal Mr. ]{olnt;ro's ]a\\;Vsilil is ilOl justified and lhal il will he absolvt;(t of Oily legal liabililv 1o hiin," Ill(; shih;ineitl sai(I. The Ti;x,:lS and t'edl;rill stalules of lintilalions on i:hild sex- ai)tlSe CilSeS in'e dit'- t:ert;nl. 'rt.; slail; law says a 1)erson m_nsl file wilhin 10 YARD WORK Part time. Accepting applications at the Catholic Center, 4200 N. KentuckY Avenue, Evansville I il il I iiii II I II lii I li ill "Funeral Pre-Planning Since 1940" Miller& Miller 424-9274 Principalship Opening Sacred Heart Catholic School in Warsaw, Indiana. 230 students from pre-K thru grade 6. Faculty: 6 full-time, 6 part-time, 7 part-time aides. Contact Catholic Schools Office, P.O. Box 390, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46805.1 II Arts Phar- os'00 B macy _ ellemeade Avenue Phone 477-1532 bonald Gutzwe ler Clty'Wide Delivery Cs Riverside d Governor 422-9981 Pharmacy Delivery 413 Locust Street and Judy Stratman 425-5293 PAUL'S PHARMACY Paul Mayer, Owner 2107 W. Franklin St. 425-4364 Plaza Pharmacy Newburgh Plaza Shopping Center Feet Preecdption Service Ken and Rebecca Hacker 853-7141 Oak Hill Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Hwy. 62 end N. Weinbach Ave. LARRY SCHULTHEIS, Prop. 425-4422 vi!i" ' ,i ..,, rt,r  <,; llill! I.t.i Ihu iiicideltt.<.: (itil (:ii iiis IIlt'IIIt'V t'1 IliHliV VIHI'S ali(I l'l(:illhli IIielll in I!)./Jl). 'l'll (lil(:e;an slaleilil,lll sai<l I:alher l'vla<lrid had sei'vcd lht; ditn:esl: well for lllHIIV VitHI'S ili(I "'iS ill'fell I't, - lileli'ihi;i't;il t'()r his Sl)irilual th;int!illi(ir," l,'alher Eitwar(I 14odl;il- ].ti('.l;r(), (li()(:e, saii C()llllnlllliCii- li(lils (lirc(',lor, said Fiilher Madri(I "hldln;(I a lol i)f pet)- l)le ov;r his 20 vears.ilS a priesl," bul now ';all of lhal will be ignored, ;,ild I lhink lhal's sad." Principal Position Available Grades 1-12 St. Mary of the Woods Parish in Whitesville has an opening for a principal for the 1992-93 school year. QUALIFICATIONS: Master's Degree, State Principal Certifi- cation, or working toward it, Practicing Catholic. Administrative/Supervisory/ Public Relations Skills and Love For Children Send resume to: Principal Search Committee, 10534 Maincross St., Whitesville, KY 42378 no later than April 1, 1992 ii ii i .Ed L, Lee - Mortuary 101 North Meridtan Street Washinglon. IN 254-3612 I Homemade Ai n isn Cooking 15% Senior Discount Every Monday Groups, Please Call 812-486-3977 For Reservations Guided Tours Available Montgomery, Indiana Open Monday Thru Thursday 11 a.m. to8 p.m. Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CLOSED SUNDAY