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The Message
Evansville, Indiana
March 6, 1992     The Message
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March 6, 1992

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6, 1992 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana 1 1 By i]lTrlt NORD Guest Columnist Sharing the Word w00th our youth is essential of (;od's love aud salwdion as shown to us in tugs andor the homily at a designated time each Goals of Youth Ministry Jesus Christ, is what we are all about as Chris- week. Recall scripture readings frmn their bap- tians. Priests and religious brothers and sisters tism, first eucharist or confirmation celebrations. er the total personal and spiritual share that message in their work. Catechists who Discuss their understanding of the scripture pas- of each young person, teach religion and share faith in religious educa- sages now that they are older so they can de- To draw young people to responsible par- tion programs in our parishes and Catholic velop a deeper understanding of the sacraments. in the life, mission and work of the schools certainly share that message. They all At the beginning or end of the school year COmmunity. use words. We take those words and their mes- have a worship service specifically geared to sages from the scriptures. We refer to scripture young people. Invite parents and all adult Focus Areas for Youth Ministry as "The Word." parishioners to join in the celebration. During a Sharing "The Word" is an important min- youth retreat have a worship service and invite istry in our Church. It is a vital task for all Chris- the young people's families to participate as a tian persons. It is not reserved for a select few. sign of support for the retrea-tants. Young people Community Sharing the Word with our youth is essential, and their parents can make bible trivia questions Allowing them to share their understanding of for each other and make learning into a game. and Service it, as well as their questions about it, is equally Groups of youth/adults can re-enact, in play important. Mutual sharing is what youth min- torm, a story from the Bible as it might occur in istry is all about. In a sense, all of us are minis- modern times. Present this during worship ser- ters to our youth, and ministers with our youth, vices to bring scriptures alive. Gather a group of We can share the Word in many ways. For- young people and prepare them to be regularly United States Catholic Confer- mal religious education, Catholic schools, infor- scheduled readers at your weekly masses. There mal bible groups, prayer groups, retreats, wor- are many more ideas so be creative!! ship opportunities, family reflection times and Like the signs on our roadways, words from role-playing activities can be effective methods scripture give us a message. Sometimes driving Ca Stop Ahead. Speed Limit 55. Road Narrows. by which we share, "The Word". illlutin'g.E Dangerous Curve. Yield. Cattle Cross- can be tricky; we may get confused by so many " vansville Next 4 Exits Merging Traffic "The fullest effectiveness of the ministry of signs and lose our direction. Yet, we find our Struct" " - - ' way back on track if we take time to stop and ask A Ion Area. Pedestrian Crosswalk. Be the word requires sensitivity to many aspects of others for guidance. Likewise, we need to re- -err for Stopped Vehicles. youth ministry because youth need to expert- mind ourselves that youth learn how to be good r%When we travel we pass such signs on our ence the Christian message in terms of the reali- vUWays. Some we see and others we do not ties most important in their daily lives: love, drivers when they have role models who are pa- the".ritice. Regardless, the signs are there. On thmily, life values, justice, etc." (USCC, 1976). In " tient and practice good driving skills. Youth also I  signs are words and though the words may other words, the scripture becomes important to need to practice, driving in order to become liv jew, they can have a powerful effect on our them when they see the relation between the skilled. If they miss a few signs and get lost, es, gospel stories and what they are experiencing in they, too, may learn to look more closely for the The w , . . ,  , , , . their lives. Jesus becomes real tor them when message on the signs. Ii, 0 or(Is Drlng a message taow e act .,  , .a,. ...... i d-,., ,.;}., ,- ..... :.. ,t.,;. 1: ......... When we want to reach new destinations we .,P 1] fh ' i ". t. . , ,, . [ne'v unut,l'Statlu tll]t StluallUll ill LIJ.GIJ llVto alu llle .... message is up to ea( n malv]auai tHJ  , .... follow signs whi(h guide us m the light dire( ., Worn . ,,v'. ,.;" :, , ".; . ' sililarlo the experiences Jesus had in his life. . ' ' : . " :.' "" " :" t uS en]" " , .... he .... r all] tne same ano we Know tnaI How do we share "the Word ' w, dh our hon and warn us of impending danger. If we do wOrdS wPr  1 !      WL , . e placed tl.aere for our w(,ll-bc ng. youth? How do we make it real for their lives? !lot.l!ax e the desire to cxp,rience any new sites I uen we ale travelhn on heavily pom , in hie, then we do not need the winds on the ted- - " " i" " , g ," . I - rind Christian wflues in their music affirm this ..... " " , help roadways it's helphfl to have, passengers and find related text from scripture. When they signs. % us Watch for these signs particularly if we ar facino a slruo,,le in their lives find a lime " For our sake and for our youth, let's travel to In, t ' " .... , ' - ' ; , , t-,  " .... '. . . :arl- Uffa mhar terrdory Our tellow travellers when Jesus may have en( ountered somethin,, what mav seem like a m,w and tlllfaullllar place" al.. I us get rote tile prop( r lane or tak( tilt similar and show them how he resl)onded On the Bflfie Fhe words ot s{ rlpture guide us t() ex- Pro 1""  ' ' " , ....  " ' . ...... de., p !ate cxd. In domR so tilt,',,, short theH" till- national holidays lind scrioture readintzs that at- perler( e hie. in a meaulnp, tul way and make the he ra- g f the words on lilt, sign. Tim 3 bring firnl and ;laborate, on the mcaning of the cch,- tra oiling ohio3 able. sSsag e,. bration (e.g. Ivlartin Luther King, Labor Day. Next exit food, phone, lodging aud facilities. noting the, gospel message,, the good news Memorial Day. etc.). Discuss the weekend'read- Rest Are, a Ahead. Scenic View Ahead. 'PL ........ 'VINCENNES ETE INSURANCE SERVICE  , AutolHomelFire&Life, [00Dubo=s County Bank Naomneariank Your Personal Service Agent Bicknell- Sandborn are y I V,nconnes eS L. Will Iris. enc no. YOUR FIVE STAR SERVICE BANK Drive-in Facilities - Member F.D.l.C. ranklin Street 425-3187 A Full Service Bank "Funeral Pre.Planning Since 1940" i" Miller & Miller | 254-3943 FOR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE 424-9274 nSC.E. EL00Crmc RT. 1 ST. ANTHONY - ;.- - Support Catholic schools by using the Tradition Card. 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