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Evansville, Indiana
February 18, 1994     The Message
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February 18, 1994

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D The Message m for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana Februa " i!i ' From ADA to CPC: A new focus LI io 1 ..................................... 00ecom00en00a00ions00 to aonoa00 CLEMENTS B Parish goals would include, but not be limited t,'ii  their diocesan assessments The present reba: I system would remain in effect: DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR II all money .......... -- each parish which exceeds its assessment w0 : returned to the parish for its own uses. Recommendation 19: emphasize that I series, we summarized the history 11 and 14 consisted of specific pro- of our annual diocesan fund drive motional suggestions for the cam- from its inception in 1982 as the paign. Among these were: develop Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA), a new logo for the campaign, pre- through its years as The Bishop's pare a booklet for local campaign Fund, and concluded with the leaders with detailed information :* process which led to this year's about each diocesan program and !i new nam for the campaign -- the Catholic department funded by the annual campaign, de- Parishes Campaign of Southwestern Indiana velop a videotaped presentation focusing on dioce- this campaign are certainly part of each perS0n}:i| (CPC) and its new focus, san unity, etc. All of these recommendation have personal stewardship of treasure. However, il [ The ADA Task Force, which was appointed by either been completed or are currently being devel- must guard against the erroneous perceptis::.y,sv_ fundraising are synonym0 . -! Bishop Gettelfinger to formulate specific recom- oped for the 1994 campaign, stewardship and movement toward total I i mendations regarding the campaign following a se- Recommendation 5 was to adjust the diocesan need to intensify the ries of feedback meetings around the diocese in budget year to coincide with the school year which stewardship conversion and subsequent total late 992, presented its final list of 19 recommen- now begins in late August. The bishop's advisors diocesan stewardship conversion. An increaSg  dations to the bishop on February 3, 1993. The are considering the many ramifications of this sug- number of parishes have already used RecO first and most far-reaching recommendation was to gestion, dation 15 with great success and, at the change the name of the campaign to the Catholic Recommendation 6 was to encourage the prac- diocesan Synod, Synod delegates aPpr_v[:oeOf  Parishes Campaign Of Southwestern Indiana. A rice of naming multi-year chairpersons (two to Goal 1.3 which states: Establish the 1)1o, :: ll new campaign name was strongly advised by those three years) for each parish's annual campaign. Evansville as a Total Stewardship who attended the earlier feedback meetings The This step would help to assure continuity, enthusi- Thanks to invaluable advice name which was ultimately proposed had received asm, effectiveness and good communication. In ad- the most favorable response during a second series dition, the Task Force recommended that each by dozens of creative volunteers, the of five feedback meetings in January, 1993. parish campaign should have a co-chairperson who Parishes Campaign (CPC) promises to i : Recommendations 2 and 3 dealt with the tim- is preparing to assume the chairperson's role for successful diocesan campaign ever. I' ing of the campaign: the campaign should continue future campaigns. :': to be conducted in spring on the Second Sunday Recommendation 13 states: following the cam- after Easter. Some local campaign leaders had sug- paign, call together all local campaign leadership gested moving the campaign to another time of teams for debriefing and early planning for next year, but the overwhelming feedback from those year s campaign. This suggestion was used follow- who attended the second series of meetings was to ing last year S (1993) campaign and provided ex- __ h,: ",  ] O : :: ii .........  -- .L.#. : keep the timing of the campaign as it has been cellent mformatmn m preparatmn for our 1994 " Y .... C ' smcesle9e82al of the recommendationS'(4, 12, 16, 17, ::mhP.Ta!w; =mo:iniwng re:mcmendations: 15 and ) * t ' i 18) referredto the mechanics fa new Success , "g "g t, o g "tht campaign s new name  | : --  : :  l Model for Parish Campaigns which was officially nua mnurmsmevenandllg-'th--'e-newf--cus m our um-'-and-d-irectin for this an- -,  a  : 'i introduced to local campaign leaders for their 1993 "" g " " cese. Hereare  i II ] :  ' campaigns. Forty-six of the 73 parishes in the dio- those two recommendations as they were pre- ::: $ t 'ib ;t cese used this new model last year with extraordi- sented by the Task Force: r /  ! y !': " nary results. All parishes will be urged to adopt Recommendation 15: encourage each parish to    !,- ,. i i:. . this new model, if appropriate, for their 1994 cam- consider setting its own campaign goal. The pur- ,4  ,,,/, ,,,o-F$ I '. paigns, p e of this recommendation is to urge all parishes J %1 Goals of the Synod lead to diocesan plann0000l00 Following are the goals of Synod '93. These goals are being used by mem- Goal 1.9 hers of the bishop's staff in formulating their plans for the coming years. Support Campus Ministry as a vital ministry to all who are ivl!; i 1 Plans will be developed and publicized over the coming months, prior to the higher education. beginning of the next fiscal year, on Sept. 1. a, Focus on Lay Leadership I Living the Faith Goal 2.1 " Goal 1.1 The Diocese of Evansville will call forth and Cultivate among all Catholics a deeper understanding of the sacraments of serve and promote the mission of the church.  |i[:  thereinitiatinfrom.(Baptism' Confirmation, Eucharist) and the commitment flowing  . Goal 2.2 eet. , The Diocese of Evansville will research, develop and mP _ J#l: Goal 1.2 ship development process which trains, and supports leaders io ;;: IAl Foster among all Catholics the realization that catechetical formation incor- church life. i porates the traditional elements of word, worship, community and service at all i/ !t levels. Goal 2.3 The Diocese of Evansville will continue to encourage di 1.3. with a vocation to religious and ordained ministry, t Establish the Diocese of Evansville as a total stewardship diocese. l Goal L4 Parish Pastoral Councils : Develop processes to deepen faith and prayer, and to encourage on-going conversion of individuals within the context of the. Catholic community. Goal 5.1 ..... to have a pari Pl i ' Every parish m the Dmcese of Evanswlle m >$J;' %i Goal 1.5 cil appropriate to the parish.  i Foster an awareness and understanding of the National Conference of i !t Catholic Bishops' Vision: "A Family Perspective in Church and Societf' (19as) Goal 5.2 "esi  and its 1990 planning document. The Diocese in collaboration with parish leaders will d_.l l fe !li training for parish pastoral council members, pastors/pastOr 1 Goal 1.6 and other leaders. !t Promote Church teaching that parents/guardians, in requesting Baptism i i !It for their children, hold the primary responsibility for their children's faith for- Goal 5.3 S ( l;! ' marion. The 1993 Parish Pastoral Council Policies and Guidelir,ea3)i'L ,il!_  ing to delegate recommendations received in Julv'August'-vhe   d Goal 1.6A ..... Reaffirm the importance of Catholic Schools and religious education pro- standard working document in the diocese; In January 199 , : i grams to assist parents in the faith formation of their children, will be presented to the bishop for promulgation. Goal 1.7 Accept the challenge of the American Bishops "to give high priority to adult formation as the chief form of catechesis at all levels of the Church." Goal 1.8 a Promote A Vision of Youth Ministry" which welcomes and fosters the ac- ' rive role of youth and young adults in the life, mission and work of the faith community.