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February 13, 1998     The Message
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February 13, 1998

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2 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana Love of parents and teens (REPEAT REFRAIN) By CHARLIE MARTIN Catholic New Service A SONG FOR MAMA You taught me everything/And everything you've given me/I always keep it inside/You're the driving force in my life/There isn't anything/Or anyone that I can't be/And it just wouldn't feel right/If I didn't have you by my side/You were there for me/To love and care for me/When skies were gray/Whenever I was down/You were always there/To comfort me/And no one else can be/What you have been to me/You'll always be the gift/In my life for all times REFRAIN Mama/Mama you know I love you/(Oh you know I love you)/Mama/Mama you're the/Queen of my heart/Your love is like/Heaven from the stars/Mama I just want you to know/Lovin'you is just like/Food  for my soul You're always downfor me/Have always been around for me/When I was bad/You showed me right from my wrong/(Yes you did)/And you took up for me/When everyone was downin" me/you always did understand/You gave me strength to go on/There were so many times/Looking back when I was so afraid/And then you come to me/And say to me/I can face anything/And no one else can do/What you have done for me/You'll always be/You'll always be/The girl in my life Never gonna go a day without you/Fills me up/Just thinking about you/I'll never go a day/Without my mama (REPEAT REFRAIN) Written by Babyface Sung by Boyz II Men Copyright (c) 1997 by Motown Record Corp. How do you feel about your parents? In Boyz II Men's "A Song for Mama," the singer expresses gratitude and love for his mother. The song is their second chart hit off their new CD "Evolution." He explains where his love and gratitude stem from: "There were so many times looking back when I was so afraid, and then you come to me and say to me I can face anything." His mother continued to believe in him even when the voice of self-doubt grew large. He says: "You took up for me when everyone was downin' me," and "You gave me strength to go on." His mother even was "around for me when I was bad." Consequently, "you're the queen of my heart" and "no one else can be what you have been to me." The song reminds us to look for the good that is sometimes taken for granted in our relationship with our parents. Of course, few parent-teen relationships are ideal. Both parents and teens have problems, and II I I lll r I ill r i[, ...........................  .... THE CATHOLIC COMMUNICATION NEW YORK (CNS)-- The fol- lowing are capsule reviews of movies recently reviewed by le U.S. Catholic Conference (USCC) Office for Film and Broadcasting. Ratings are also given by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). "Four Days in September" (Miramax) Gripping but thoughtful fact- based thriller about the 1969 kid- napping of the U.S. ambassador to Brazil (Alan Arkin) by an underground group seeking to force Brazil's military dictator- ship to release of their imprisoned comrades. Directed by Bruno Barreto, the step-by- step account of the kidnapping and police search is quite sus- penseful, but the treatment of the period's political landscape and the motivation of key char- acters clearly shows the kidnap- ping as a brutal act of terrorism and as morally repugnant as the regime against which it is direc- ed. Subtitles. Scenes of violence including torture, menacing sit- uations and occasional rough language. The USCC classifica- tion is A-III -- adults. The MPAA rating is R -- restricted. "Half-Baked" (Universal) Dreary collection of drug jokes revolving around a spaced-out addict (Dave Chappelle) getting money to bail a half-wit pal (Harland Williams) out of jail by becoming a dealer in marijuana. Directed by Tamra Davis, the low-budget proceedings are of the dumb-and-dumber variety with witless fantasies that smok- ing weed is no crime but only harmless fun. Unamusing trivi- alization of the drug culture, sex- ual encounters, brief nudity and frequent rough language. The USCC classification is O -- morally offensive. The MPAA rating is R -- restricted. "The Replacement Killers" (Columbia) Bullet-riddled action movie in which a hit man (Chow Yun-Fat) finds himself targeted for death after refusing an assignment, then unwittingly ensnares a shady lady (Mira Sorvino) in his these situations them. Sometimes the trust and criticism. Sometimes the at home is far different from what th If this is the case in hope. If parents and teens do not over time they are likely to experience perhaps, God's healing for the .... not occur during the teenyears, but .... many parent-teen relationships If your relationship with your what the song describes, then edge this blessing. Words are im are even more demonstrative. Think vey your gratitude and appreciation, If you happen to be a parent umn, I suggest that you examine attitude toward your teen. Would daughter say that you life? If you have doubt about the to alter your approach. Yes, you are the parent ring limits and defining res F that is positive, encouraging and be generated by the respect and while doing this. Perhaps your teen won't record but your behavior and attitude effects on his or her spirit. Yc discover more of the person that God her to be .... Your comments are always Charlie Martin, 7125 W 200S, desperate attempts at flight. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the mindless story merely shuffles its fiat, unsympathetic charac- ters from one bloody shoot-out to the next with boring pre- dictability. Excessive violence, some rough language and a few instances of profanity. The USCC classification is O -- morally offensive. The MPAA rating is R -- restricted. "Stephen King's The Night Flier" (New Line) Tedious horror story about a cynical reporter (Miguel Ferrar) hot on the trail of a vampire killer who lands his plane on lonely, back-country airstrips, then drains the blood from his victims. ed by Mark Pavia, the concept of the supernatural marauder is too thin to be sus- tained in this overlong feature which ends bloodba menacing The uSCC morally rating is R "Zt Offbeat vate eye (Bill' for a suspect is in danger client director Jake in detailing ters' dental. An encounter, ty and guage. ingis R Missionary left lasting marks on the California Desert Padre: Life and Writings of Father John ]. Crowley, 1891- 1940, by Joan Brooks, Mesquite Press, P.O. Box .1304, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, (888) 859- 6140,1997. Paperback, 401 pages, $19.95. BOOK REVIEW By MARY ETTA KIEFER, O.S.B. Message staff Desert Padre is a story of the love and sacrifice of an Irish- born priest and his far-reaching mission ministry in the south- ern California desert  a min- istry of word (oral and written) and action. Crowley described his desert parish in his "Sage and Tumble- weed" columns (he wrote 200): "Greetings from the Catholic missions of Inyo County, California- 10,000 square miles sandwiched between the top of the U.S., Mount Whitney, and the bottom, Death Valley. Just a little parish spread thin." The energetic priest expressed his Irish wit in person and in his published writings, among which are his columns, first pub- lished in The Central California Register. That same humor is described by Harry A. Clinch, retired Bishop of Monterey, in his foreword to this book: "I consider September of 1925 the most fortunate month in my life. It was then I first met Father John J. Crowley. (My high school principal in Fresno) had invited him.., to address the first stu- dent assembly of the school year. Not happy with the possi- bility of being sermonized, we greeted the speaker with an audible groan . . . He simply stood before the speaker's stand ... a widespread grin bathing his rugged countenance.., until the perplexed teenagers settled into a puzzled silence. Then (he said) 'That's the best groan I have ever experienced! What were you expecting? A holy Joe?'" He (went on to say) how valuable a sense of humor could be in one's life, and told stories of humorous incidents that made his own life easier to live." Just as Father Crowley capti- vated those students, he left an enduring impression on his entire region of California. This is the final stanza of a poem by David Bromley, another bishop of California, written a year before Crowley's death: "And we'll point to him as the years roll by, when we write with a failing pen; As one who walked in the steps of Christ, and loved all of his fellow men. And his life shall stand as a monument by the trails that his feet have trod, the Meet this! of God book, a lisher. About Historian er/editor to the his work it viewed parishionerS" F tribute to ,