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January 12, 1996     The Message
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January 12, 1996

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12,1996 The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana :. ;. " Commentary-- John the Baptist: Titles of Jesus Gospel Commentary for nunaj./ The second influence on Jesus&apos; 4, 1996, Second Sun. title as "Lamb of God" is in refer- J, vrainay Time. Cycle John 1:29.34 " A, ence to a passage from Isaiah 53:7, "Like a lamb that is led to the There are t slaughter, and like a sheep that is this see" _ wo forces at work in mute before its shearers, so he did to iden:t;: the Gospel of John, not open his mouth. By oppression r01e ^e,. us, and to clarify the and judgment he was taken 0n o. the Baptist as sec- away...cut off out of the land of the tko"=Y  that of Jesus John uses livin', struck down for the sin of lie]wtae of the first clapter to my people." Acts 8:32 applies this 7 id le aI.ter title upon Jesus" ,B,=F.TR,., passage of Isaiah to Jesus. The con- Lod life " " uu,' u.,.r=t . . . tl sh, S^-  ' , light, Word made COLUMNIST text m Isaiah s a poem or song L Y" Irom the Father, Mes that details the suffering of a ",ultimate revealer .... " ..... "s re'ected b his eo- aULhoror,  . . ow the I m m t,,phet who  j y p ia Lhe ra:..: cOspel of John places ple, yet offers his life for them. This tie : ,mot John the Baptist several more tO- poem and three others like it are known as the "Suf- on .= WhoUa_t Ud, the one who ranks before me, the fering Servant Songs." By the title "Lamb of GOd," P . T ^, =plzes with the Holy Spirit, and Son of John, just as Luke in Acts 8:23, is telling his read- the, c0ou, s examine the meaning of these titles in ers that Jesus is the suffering and rejected servant 0 pei' orthe time in which the formation of the of God who gives his life for his people. ",oOiln took place. The third influence on the title "Lamb of GOd" is not to be understood as a syn- CUte and cuddly, as in some type of At the time of the writing of the of God" could have several First it could refer to the Paschal Lamb that was slaughtered for the family the feast of Passover. By the time of had taken on the nature of indicated by the fact that by the of the Passover Lamb was priests in the temple at Jerusalem. The at twelve noon. The Gospel of a point when it places the condemna- esus at twelve noon. He is the true Paschal Lamb. is quite prominent in another work of the same school of thought that produced the Gospel of John. This other literary work is the Book of Revelation. The Lamb of God is a primary actor in this book. The Lamb is seen to have been slain and because of this is now worthy to receive honor, power, glory to- gether with the One who sits upon the throne, i.e. God. The Lamb of the Book of Revelation redeems, gives salvation. The wicked make war against the Lamb, but he conquers them and is called, "Lord of lords and King of kings." Thus we see the depth of theology in the title "Lamb of God." The title, "the one who ranks before me" is only one statement among many in the Gospel of John that portrays John the Baptist as secondary to Jesus. This theme is stated repeatedly, beginning at John 1:7-8 and ending at John 10:41. The title, "the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit,  is part of the same theme. Instead of portraying John the Baptist as secondary, it portrays as secondary the act or practice which identifies his mission, a type of baptism. The Holy Spirit was given through the baptism brought by Jesus, not through that prac- ticed by John the Baptist. Finally there is the title "Son of God." Ancient manuscripts differ as to the correct reading. A very important 4th century manuscript has "the Chosen One of God  instead of"Son of God." "The Chosen One" connects Jesus again with the Servant Songs of Isaiah. The first of those songs begins with these words "Behold my servant, whom I uphold, MY : , CHOSEN ONE, in whom my soul delights. I have put my Spirit upon him, etc." Thus Jesus is under stood as servant of God and bearer of the Holy Spirit. As to the title "Son of God,  there is discus- sion at to whether or not the Gospel of John already in the first century understands Jesus as "GOd from God, light from light, true God from true God, one in being with the Father,  as later Church councils declared. Whether or not John so understood the title "Son of God  may be unclear, but the basis or core of such understanding is certainly present. Today's gospel reading gives us the opportunity to review what we believe about Jesus and to renew our faith in him: "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world," the Servant of God, the Chosen One, the Son of God who gives the Holy Spirit. 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