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Evansville, Indiana
January 12, 1996     The Message
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January 12, 1996

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4' The Message -- for Catholics of Southwestern Indiana .:-- Taking the time to make a difference--- . Reflections on an icy incident It was just a minor mistake, One slight misjudgment, but it was enough to send the car skidding across the street. Ice and snow had covered the streets and roadways of southern Indiana the night before, but most of the well-traveled roads had been plowed and cleared by the time of my morning trip into work. The slight mistake I made hap- pened when I turned from a busy street to a less-traveled one, and I :turned too far. Within seconds, maybe less, my car was blocking the oncoming lane. Traffic was :light, and there was no danger of -injury or even damage m only embarrassment. The By PAUL It. LEINGANG EDITOR one needs help. from a nearby parking lot and an- other from a passing car. A little help -- a push from two pairs of human hands -- was all that was necessary to move my car away from the slickest portion of the ice and snow. Once again the wheels found traction, and every- one involved was once again on their way. * * * Some people find it hard to help other people. Some people find it difficult to let others help them. A simple story about an incident on an icy street provides a good exam- ple of what can happen when some front wheels of my car were up against the curbing and the rear wheels were spinning helplessly on the glazed crown of the center of the street. I was stuck. Embarrassed by my mistake. On display to drivers and pedestrians. I don't know what was in the minds of the drivers, the ones I waved past my car. The look on one driver's face was particularly irritating -- as if she was wondering why I was so dumb that I parked my car like that. Within a minute or two the few cars that had been blocked by my mistake were safely past the scene. Within another minute or two, two people ap- peared almost out of nowhere. Actually, one came Perhaps I am guilty of rash judgment, but I certainly felt the criticism in the eyes of at least one of the passing drivers. While I am uncertain of what that driver really was thinking, I have no doubt about my own thoughts -- I was embarrassed and instantly ready to take offense. As for the two helpers, I have to say I don't even recall their faces at all. They came, they helped, they left -- with anonymity. I called out a "Thank you" to the backs of their winter coats as they walked away. It's hard for an embarrassed per- son who needs help to look directly into the eyes of those who offer help. * * * Think about the times in yot have needed help, or given help. If you dren, ask them to tell you about such lives. Talk about your about the reactions you sensed in the ceived assistance. Investigate the ways in which your vides assistance. Is it embarrassing? In your church or neighborhood have to do to request help? * * Read the ninth chapter of] and discuss the ways in which Jesus The chapter concludes with a Jesus: "The harvest is abundant but the are few; so ask the master of the harvest toJ laborers for his harvest." Where are the laborers need Take the time today to examine : receive help. Then take a look at neighborhood and your community other person who needs some asszstance. Perhaps your help must be haps it will be given and taken "Thank you" called out to you as you leave.: Questions and comments Christian Family Movement, P.O. Box Iowa 50010  i i!ilili! ' fi!i,i!iiii  :ii i i!!ii!:i:: iii il;i ii:i!! ; Letter writer holds Vatican II liturgy 'in absolute contern To the editor: Regarding the letter by Fa- ther Rawley Myers of Colorado Springs that you recently pub- llshed. I agree with his com- ments 100 percent and would like to make the following ad- ditional comments. If Father James Sauer fnds my remarks upsetting it will be, at the most, unfortunate. I hold the so-called Vatican II liturgy in absolute contempt and find it increasingly diffi- cult to even tolerate. It is noth- ingbut a trashy English para- phrase of our beautiful Latin Mass and of possible doubtful validity. I find it difficult to un- derstand the bitter hatred of the majority of our priests and bishops, both old and young, for anything that existed or was taught prior to the in- famous Vatican II Council. I suppose it should not be hard to understand because of the attitude of a majority of the clergy, the Catholic newspa- pers, the pope starting with :The MESSAGE 4200 N. Kentucky Ave. Evansville, IN 47711 , Weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Evansville Pulb#s/led weeMy e,cepf/ast week/n Decond3er W e Ca#oc Press of ................................... Paul R. Leingang PmducJ0n Tecticn .............. J0seph Dietnc ................................... Paul Newtand sw ............................ UyHu Address all oommuntcatlons to P.O. Bo= 4189, Evansville, IN 47724-0169 Sul.riptJon rate: $17.50 per year Single CowPrice: $.50 Entered as 2nd class matter at the post office in Evansville, IN 47701. Publica- tion,number 843800, Ppstmoster: .Return POD forms 3579 to Office of Publication  1895  Press of Evarls"vle John XXIII and what is being taught in the seminary. I was taught there were 20 Ecumeni- cal Councils. Apparently, there was only one -- Vatican II. Further I have no use for any bishop or archbishop who will encourage and tolerate anything in his diocese from his rebellious children, both clergy and people, except a valid Council of Trent Mass. I specifically refer to those who encourage, tolerate and allow the so-called justification by faith alone, holy roller, charis- matic Mass or movement in a church that is rapidly becom- ing neither Catholic or Protes- tant. I can assure you of one thing, if everyone would stop payment or financial support to both the clergy and bishops until they "clean up their act" things will change in a hurry. Lack of money is something most will understand. We do have a chapel belong- ing to and staffed by one of the priests of the Society of St. Plus X, the movement founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre a name that is anathema to the Consillior Church. I am not a member of his group, but I think he was right. I understand that the Arch- diocese of Indianapolis and several other dioceses (not in Indiana) do permit and allow valid Latin Tridentine Masses -- the only Mass recognized for almost 2,000 years. Rome and other dioceses do tess out a few crumbs now and then hoping that all who prefer the old Mass will die off and the prob- lem will go away and anything taught and exist Vatican II and best be about. It will be how-they books (very po "politcal correC for those who usually write books. Further, it esting to see alibi ourselve sponsibility of mitted in the Writer wants Ireland re-united in peace and j To the editor:. As the euphoria surrounding President Clinton's visit to Ire- land ends, we ought to consider a few truths about the so-called peace process in British-occu- pied Ireland. First of all it is a mistake to view both parties in the conflict as having claims that are equally valid and morally just. The so-called majority in the north was an artificially cre- ated majority made at the point of a British bayonet. That ma- jority lorded it over the Catholic minority in the same manner as Southern whites used to lord it over blacks when Jim Crew ruled the old Confed- eracy. Were blacks expected to ne- Writer's error repudiated To the editor'. In your December 15 issue you published a letter from a Father Rawley Myers of Col- orado Springs, Colo., which contained an error which must be corrected lest it mislead. He was lamenting the new liturgy and how "boring" it is, in his opinion. He then stated, "Regu- lar Mass attendance is clown to 25 percent. It seems the people are willing to suffer the pains of purgatory more than suffer through the new liturgy." Let's get it straight, Father, it's not the pains of purgatory they'll have but those of hell. Paragraph 2181 of the Cate- chism of the Catholic Church states in part, "Those who de- liberately fail in this obligation (Sunday Eucharist) commit a grave sin. Paragraph 1861 says, "If it (mortal sin) is not redeemed by repentance and God's forgiveness, it causes ex- clusion from Christ's kingdom and the eternal death of hell." I don't know how Father Myers formed his opinion but it defi- nitely is a false belief and can cause grave scandal by not being repudiated. All praise and glory to our Holy Spirit. Michael A. Goedde Evansville gotiate with the white political establishment in order to have their human rights respected? The answer, of course, is no. Therefore, how can the Catholic minority be expected to view their oppressors as equal moral partners during the present cease-fire? The result of the negotiations between the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the Republic of Ireland and Britain must end with the announcement of a timetable for the transfer of sovereignty of what is now called Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland, whose con- stitution grants liberty of reli- gious conscience to all. It must be emphasized that the Catholics in British-occupied Ireland, Catholic, ployment, for exercising conscience. The Northern Britain will the will continu' Have the fan Orange I Prote course they land is framework time-table the will peace that will be a rice. Bishop's The following activities and events schedule of Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger: i!:i